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2002/12/24 18:07:51 PST by zfnorth [0/0]

I'm new here, so excuse me if this isn't the correct place to post.

So yeah, I'm in my fourth year of college studying playwriting, and I'd like to help out along those lines. I've only just glanced over the plot, but if I can help tune it and do some dialog, let me know.


2002/12/24 22:37:01 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

don't think that we are quite that for yet but i imagine that when we get there we'll be needing all the help that we can get.

so stick around, put in your 2 cents wherever and when we get to the dialog part i'm sure that your help will be greately appreciated.

2002/12/25 20:20:56 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Actually, talk to Dev on AIM or something, because we need some people to RP our characters specifically for script-writing. That's what you're talking about isn't it? Anyway, yea, Dev needs some RPers for a couple of the characters (since he didn't like my Syne tryout...ho boy).

Welcome to Fate of Io, by the way! =)

2002/12/25 21:12:07 PST by zfnorth [0/0]

I'm more into the script-writing side than the RPing, but I'll shoot him an email and see what he needs done.


2002/12/25 21:43:03 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

We're doing RPing???? That could take a while. Whats RPing? Is it role-playing? And if it is what kind are you talking about?

2002/12/26 03:48:36 PST by GM [0/1]

I do believe so.

Would make sense...

2002/12/26 06:43:28 PST by zfnorth [0/0]

I kinda think (and I might be biased on this) that writing the script, rather than RPing it, is the way to go. RPing seems like it would be a lot more work, but I can't what would be gained by it over writing.


2002/12/26 10:53:35 PST by Dev [manager]
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Role-playing out the script was one of my genius ideas that I think is probably not so genius after all. I was actually planning on ditching the RP for a while, but we haven't been focusing on the script hardly at all, so it was a non-issue (until Zach brought it up--and good for him!).

The idea was that free-form role-playing out the script with "actors" generating the scenes in a chat room somewhere would be efficient and a more accurate portrayal of our characters. It's quite difficult, however, to get all the actors online at the same time so they role-play, and even then you're left with dialog that may or may not be what you want; you might have to go back and spend even more time editing it, or even doing the scene again.

So, in short, the tried-and-true script writing methods will probably work best for us. I already had a pass at the first half of Chapter One, and I think what I turned out was far more succinct than a role-playing session would be.

Zach, I certainly encourage you to try your writing skills on this task, and I actually think we may be closer to the scriptwriting process than Squall lets on. ;D

2002/12/26 17:07:40 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Hmm, ditch the RP eh? Alright, so how is the script-writing going to work out? Are you going to have a board of writers just come up with stuff? What's your plan here?

2002/12/27 05:51:12 PST by Alex [0/0]
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Yeah, writing the script in a traditional way is more convenient, but we would lose some of the character depth advantages of RP'ing.

How about we write it in a traditional way, but offer people an option to sign up for the task of "Character Expert", or something like that, for each major character. If Kydran is my favorite character (I'm just saying this as an example), I may get to be an "Expert" on him. This would mean I'd ponder about this character in depth, develop an understanding for that character, and advise the script writers on how s\he should talk or behave in a given situation.

A "Character Expert" would be like a consultant into a character's background, motivations, appearance, style of speech, etc. (Like Andy Serkis for Gollum in LOTR:TTT, only in our case more script-oriented than performance-oriented.)

The communication can then take place on the forum, not necessarily in chat. The Story Advisors and especially Dev would, of course, have the last word on all creative decisions.

This would be the best of both worlds: the script-writers would be ready to begin their work, and character depth will be applied where there's interest in applying it.

2002/12/27 07:09:56 PST by zfnorth [0/0]

I agree with Alex about this. I was thinking maybe something like the way it looks like you all did the plot, (at least the way it was posted in html) with people adding comments to a posted draft.

The only problem that might arise is if everyone want to be experts in just a few characters and no one touches the rest.

But, I guess that's the nature of the project.


2002/12/27 22:31:10 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I like the idea actually. Maybe there is hope for me =). Dev?

2002/12/27 23:51:19 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Yes, I agree with Alex (among others) with the RP idea. I for one have a lot to say on Kydran. Though I doubt i could RP as him. I've never been good at that. I think this would be good for a preliminary. Like a general idea. We could get each other's input and then write based on that as well as the scriptie's own ideas. We wouldn't have to RP the whole damn script at one time so we wouldn't need to have every person on at one time. We could do scenes here and there. Like filming out of sequence as is convenient.

2002/12/29 22:28:07 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

Dev, how close to writing the script are we? I was just taking a guess with the current pase of the forum's at the time, but it sould pick back up after the holidays, and according to the status of 100% complete characters and the amount of NPC's that could be in each town.

2003/01/05 09:42:10 PST by BelminatorK [0/0]

Everyone will be able to dialogue with the amount of NPC's there are, so no worries on that front.
With the "expert" thing, we've never had everyone wanting to work on one character to the extent that the others are left out.
Cept everyone wanting brooke to be real of course ^_^, specially gil!
but losing the RP is probably gonna cut down the time we spend on the dialogue a lot, so its a good choice.

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