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2003/01/13 02:46:01 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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(I don't think, act or pretend to be anything near authorative. I actually find that quite offensive. I make assumptions based on precedented conversations, all involving either Dev or yourself, Temporal. Also, if I remember, I used key words such as 'think' 'maybe' 'might' 'could' and the abbrev. 'IMO'.)

This is starting to turn into a topic about voice acting. This was decided a long time ago as was most of the rest of my answers. I think you're starting to forget the project's functions. People can contribute as much as they like, doesn't necessarily mean it gets accepted/finalised.

2003/01/13 11:04:26 PST by Dev [manager]
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Looks like Temp and I are in agreement for most of these issues. For my final say in the ones that seem unresolved:

Voice acting - No, not in terms of dialog. Even if limited to cutscenes, that's a large enough project right there, to find suitable actors that can really do a good job delivering the lines. More to the point, it raises our aim even more when we haven't quite decided where we're aiming (the "Current mechanics" thread should illustrate this metaphor).

Note that simple vocalizations, such as when Syne gets hit in battle and goes "ugh", are still up in the air. But that's another thread.

Profanity - No. If anyone asks why not, I'm asking why. I believe that profanity simply adds nothing to a fantasy script. Cursing, as we know it, is a form of slang and would serve to characterize someone in our contemporary society. Our characters do not live in our society; they live long ago in a galaxy far, far away. I'm not against coming up with completely original curse words that have no context in our world (I can see Enna with an impressive arsenal of Drythian curses--and that would characterize her in her own world, not ours).

Custom names - Again, no. There seems to be some expectation out there that we follow a Final Fantasy-style name-your-character mechanic, one that I might avoid simply on that basis. But more to the point, that's an expectation that has far less bearing on my opinion than the practicality of keeping the names what we want them to be. First, this prevents players from naming someone silly names, which (I think) would damage the overall integrity of the script ("... is it possible? ... is my son, Herpetica, still alive?"). Second, custom names prevent any sort of word-play or modification of the default names. I think "Synergy" would be a cool ultimate special attack for our main character, but if his name wasn't Syne, it wouldn't make as much sense. And here's the kicker which pretty much decided it for me: If the names are customizable, would we call him Dell, or Delloran? With customizable names, it could only be one, and I think our characters would lose more than anything they could possibly gain.

So there're the rulings. If this causes enough whining among some of you, maybe I can be convinced, but until then, here are the new laws.

2003/01/13 12:05:12 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Alright, amen to those. Especially the cursing...I forgot that one >_< oy I'm smart...thanks Dev. And I agree with the voice acting, though I would've preferred to have maybe voices in the cutscenes (*ahem* I happen to be an actor (just don't ask me to write scripts O_O) ;) )

And those were also the reasons why we shouldn't have changable names...I know they were in my head somewhere, because I wouldn't have had such a doubt about it, since I kinda liked changeable names in other games...but yeah.

2003/01/13 13:38:42 PST by zfnorth [0/0]

Okay, so in short:

No profanity b/c it's unnecessary.
No FMV b/c they're too big.
No voices b/c they'd probably suck and they're too big.
No naming b/c it's problamatic and so people don't get silly.


2003/01/13 15:02:53 PST by Temporal [manager]
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No FMV b/c in-game cutscenes are easier to do and the small quality loss isn't really significant. (As far as script-writing, though, cutscenes and FMV's are the same thing.)

No voices b/c they'd probably suck (not because they're too big).

Otherwise, yep, you got it.

2003/01/15 01:44:59 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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But obviously, in the scrpt - state where te cutscene actually is!

2003/01/18 01:37:50 PST by 3Der [0/7]

So you are saying the game will be in 3D?? or are you are talking about 2D cutscenes?? Either way I still think fmv's make a big difference in games. even in the best games today the lowpoly doesnt match up to the high quality fmvs. Have you played Kingdom Hearts? The graphics were awesome, the lowpoly models were almost perfect but it still didnt match up to the fmv's.

I don't know much about rendering but I think thats what makes the difference. while playing the game it doesnt look "movie-like" just like when watching a video from your digital camera. But when you watch a movie(tv show) or fmv, it gives you the movie feel to it. I think with movies they change the fps or something...I've read about it before but I forgot. Anyways,to me the difference between cutscenes and fmv's is the difference of watching a home made video and a movie. It makes a big differnce.

Creating fmv's is not as difficult as it may seem,its not like we are creating the whole game in 3D. We only need to model the stuff that will be in the fmv's. and it doesnt require programing like 3D games do. like I suggested we can have the game in 2D with fmv's like the old ff remakes.
And btw,I'd still like to know if this game is in 2D or 3D...can we put this debate to an end? Dev??? Maybe we can have a vote?

2003/01/18 19:28:08 PST by Temporal [manager]
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*sigh* The FMV thing was discussed and decided on long ago. We will NOT be using FMV's. Period. That is final. Let's stop discussing it now.

2003/01/20 19:26:04 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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We may also want to get something else straight. We understand that you may apreciate graphics more than anything else, 3der, but the vast majority of the rest of the gaming world things the exact opposite (at least that I'm aware of, and I'm pretty aware if I do say so myself). So we basically won't be looking to make this game ultimately the prettiest game ever created. We're just focusing (for now) on making this game not horribly ugly (like FF7).

2003/02/07 16:36:10 PST by Captain Smallet [0/0]

This post is a little late but then again I am new here. On the issue of profanity i am against swearing completely. Though i think it might be a good idea to create some curse words that are realated to the world(example the wheel of time series). For instance what in the pylos or something. I really need to finsih reading the story to come up with something good. Anyway just thought i'd throw that out there.

2003/02/08 09:00:25 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

we could draw some type of basic curse structure from the culture we are infusing into our characters or settings. For example if the Drythians were based on gaelic/celtic tribes then Enna might say: "clanna na cu" or "Saeth du" or something like that. Its obvious that we have some greek connection with the Titan continent and Pylos in general so maybe a curse specific to that continent would be greek at its heart? Something Syne or Cade would say that they'd pick up from the other workers. Though I doubt Syne would curse that much. I expect Cade would have some colorful words though. Hey we could always go the route of "You spoony bard!" and "Son of a submariner!" (Tellah and Kefka respectively)If we think of the context of a given culture in our world it shouldn't be too hard to come up with some derogatory slang.

EX: if there's a particularly cowardly small animal one might say: "You have the honour of a Driza Rat!" Or something like that. Or to imply the rest simply call some one a Driza.

2003/02/08 19:06:54 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I really like all those ideas Aetrus, I think we should go with all those (maybe we should specifically implement the spoony bard and submariner son quotes).

2003/02/12 15:00:40 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

LOL, spoony bard and son of a submariner. That would be great. Just a little bit of subtle reference to the FF game that this was originally going to be.

I think that we've got everything straight as far as the no cursing that anyone of us would recognize as a curse and I think that we actually all agree on this too with out the abundance of debating that we normally have. Quick desisive and done...we should try this sort of thing more often.

2003/02/28 16:13:41 PST by RealDeal [0/0]

I have no problem with helping write characters or scripts or even voice act.

I know the script is one of the later thigns that gets done which is why I've been lurking in the shadows for months.

Please e-mail me at nickbrown86@hotmail.com if you need me since I'll more than likely miss an important chat or message.

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