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Akio's Rheya
2003/03/19 19:47:31 PST by Clockwork Dragon [0/3]

I'm just putting in my two cents, she IS your character after all. I mean, I wouldn't want people screwing with my Jurston, now, would I? >.o

2003/03/19 22:48:14 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Right. I forget that I am not the only one to feel such things. Another effect of the flaw. It helps in justifying isolation, but I don't need to say that I guess. :p

I should have known. I, too have my own pet character who is much like me. He's not in this project, only in a story I have yet to write. I bring it up now and again. I even use his name as my online persona. But of course I may be simply tipping my hand and playing some cards too soon...

2003/03/21 19:32:35 PST by astravaii [0/21]
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i made an attempt at it. i'm not even going to bother submitting it yet, since it's still so sketchy (although i mostly finished the face).

you can look at it if you like. here's the url:


some of my worst. sorry. ^^;

i drew it before reading the posts about the shades, so she has normal glasses. i'll change it if people like.

i'm not really sure i like the clothes from about mid-thigh down (seems a little out of place), but that's just my initial attempt. it's the first thing i tried. ...the shoes are okay, i guess.

and i couldn't think of what a 'magical machinery' weapon would look like, so that little bit of weirdness came out. egh. i'm really no good with mechanical objects. ^^;

i'm in a bit of an artistic slump anyway. progress will be slow. sigh.

2003/03/22 15:47:27 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

Not bad! The skirt thing looks a little silly, though. Also, something about her face doesn't seem quite right to me... I suppose I should note that I like the face in Akio's third image much better than in the other two. Hell, I just like the third one best in general. ::shrug::

It's a very good start, though. I like your style a lot. (I was acutally sort of hoping you'd submit something. ;) )

2003/03/27 05:12:38 PST by astravaii [0/21]
Edited at 2003/03/27 06:08:00 PST
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i re-sketched the thing, tried something different with the clothes and redid the head, too, because i thought it looked a little stupid.

i just took out that little piece of sci-fi death-ray weirdness trying to pass itself off as a viable weapon. ^^;

i blocked in some gray values, so you might have a chance in hell of interpreting those hideously chaotic sketch lines.

this one's just better in general.


calling that skirt 'silly' was rather mild. ^^

2003/03/27 07:26:07 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Looking pretty good. Face looks better. I'm still not sure about that thing hanging from her waste. Looks awefully hard to walk around in that. :P

2003/03/28 00:26:29 PST by astravaii [0/21]

hard to walk in? nah. no more so than a robe or a long coat... or that thing Brooke's wearing.
it's like a robe with the sides cut out or maybe a long tabard. there were similar garments in China in some time period. don't remember. they aren't difficult to move in at all.
if that's your only concern, then i'd say there's no reason to worry.

i kinda like it, but if you still have a problem with it, i guess it can be changed.

2003/03/28 20:10:09 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Well, ok, I take that back... Hmm... it's just, the only way Rheya would ever wear such things is if she were forced (since it has no functional value, and she doesn't wear clothes for show). Of course, it could be her Pylos uniform... so the question is, would Pylos design its uniforms like that? Perhaps. ::shrug:: I'm not saying I don't like it. I'm just not sure it makes sense.

2003/03/29 10:38:08 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I don't mind the middle thing, but yea we do need to take into account what Pylos uniforms would look like...but then, Rheya wouldn't be able to get into Syne's group if they knew she was in Pylos, would they? *shrug*

I know you're gonna think I'm sick for bringing this up again, but it just doesn't seem right: do your girls always gotta be so flat? I know you said Aeris isn't small, but she's still not that big either. They're the perfect size, totally unnoticable. If they're too small or too huge, usually that gets attention. Your two pics have brought my attention there for those reasons, Brooke never did. I would just suggest making them bigger, but not too big...whatever >=p

Good pic though, I like it better than Akio's other stuff.

2003/03/30 06:43:51 PST by astravaii [0/21]
Edited at 2003/03/30 07:22:46 PST

i was trying to make her look more archaic, fantasy and mage. with that machinery, she's going to look rather modern and sci-fi. i may be mistaken on the setting, but i didn't think Xenogearsesque was appropriate. if it's acceptable, though, i won't worry about it.
i'll try what i had been attempting to avoid, then... that thing i do too often. *sigh*

EDIT: well... here it is, my old standby...pants and tunic. ^^;;
if that doesn't work, some suggestions would be nice.


you're lucky they have two of them. characters of my own tend to be more liberated from the bonds of mass-public opinion. for example, Farrah Black's ritual scarification. the right breast is burned off in the initiation to the Ranyn warrior class. and to clarify the matter, that isn't her fighting gear; this is a casual piece.

i'm in the rare thought school that a female doesn't have to have big breasts to be attractive. i'm in the even rarer thought school that a female doesn't have to be attractive to be an important character in a visual medium (even a love interest (or a character that *has* the love interest... for a change!)).

now, in an effort to end this once and for all:

there's too much focus in this wonderful society of ours on how women look. in the chest area, especially. i simply won't be party to this in my designs.

that you think they're flat tells more about your perception than it does about my style. the breasts i draw on females are more proportionally accurate to the rest of the body than most in most artists' styles. and i attempt to draw the clothes how they would *really* fit rather than mold them to enhance the bust line (as is done in most animation/comic art).
...why would i think you're sick? if i were to think anything, i'd think you're shallow. coincidentally, i'm prepared for this kind of mentality, so i have no opinion of those displaying it. the media grills it into us from childhood, after all.

if it's part of the character, i'll draw her looking like a pop-culture sexicon. but i doubt that's the case for either of the characters i've drawn for this project.

now then...

2003/03/30 09:48:39 PST by Temporal [manager]
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I don't think anyone was suggesting drawing her (or Enna) with gigantic breasts. We certainly don't want any stereotypical video game characters here. I think what Mystik meant was just more average size. Although I didn't notice at first, once Mystik had pointed it out, your Enna and Rheya did seem a little flat. Just to make sure I was judging fairly, I compared with a bunch of pictures of real people whom I know... and, yeah, I think your Enna and Rheya are a bit flatter than average.

I don't think Mystik is shallow for pointing it out... if anything, brave, knowing that most people would look down on him for it.

Personally, I don't look at breast size when judging attractiveness (and I'm male, even!). But, I can understand where Mystik is coming from. ::shrug::

Anyway, I don't care if you change it or not. I'm guessing you won't, and that's fine with me. Just wanted to point out that Mystik has a valid point.

It probably won't be noticeable in-game anyway.

As for the clothing: In our setting, steam power exists, although electricity does not. Rheya probably has one of the most high-tech jobs on the planet, working on magic-powered machinery. So, yeah, a little more of a techie look would be appropriate.

2003/03/30 17:19:01 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I know exactly what you're talking about astravaii, but I'm not saying they need to be pop-star big. Temp sees the same thing apparently (even though I did bring his attention to it), and I wouldn't give that area of the body more than one thought if they were average. Most guys wouldn't I'd think. Some guys are good enough to not even look at all (course I'd rather not look if I had control). i didn't appreciate the shallow comment. I care much more for what's inside the girl than for anything on the outside.

You're right Temp, I'm super chicken about this, I almost didn't bring it up. It bothered me that much, lol. So maybe I am a little brave. Whatever, it's your pic astravaii. All I ask is average. And I'd prefer her not to wear the defining clothing much anime seems to integrate (that's just too much).

2003/03/30 22:24:49 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Astravaii: Its not so much about perception I do know chicks with larger breasts whether they are skinny like our society tends to promote or not. I know one girl who is as well endowed as Tifa, and she's shaped a bit like her too. Nothing wrong with that its what her genes did to her lol. I know some who are rather flat too. Its all in the genes. None of the girls I am thinking of are anorexic or anything close to it.

Do what you like with your pics they are after all yours, but don't be afraid to vary them as much as humanity itself is varied.

I, personally don't advocate drawings with large breasts simply because I know what girls with large breasts go through. (try carrying those around all your life. Breasts aren't light and airy. My girl has back issues because of hers)

Let's not get hung up on this issue here guys, on either side of the coin ok?

2003/04/01 12:18:05 PST by astravaii [0/21]
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mystik3eb: my problem with this whole thing is, you're speaking as if having small breasts is some kind of deficiency that should be corrected. some females have smaller breasts. so what?

i'm not sure why it's being assumed that there's so little variety in my characters, considering only two have been released here (who are both different). i threw Farrah out as a counter because i was in a bad mood and i'm tired of this subject. this kind of thing is being asked in art forums quite often. seems like everyone in those forums likes picking on small-breasted characters. =P
just to let you know, i do have variety in my characters.
actually, shifting Rheya and Enna more toward Brooke would be creating a lack of variety in this project. as it stands, they're all different.

and the Rheya i drew *isn't* small. it *is* perception. i was never saying there aren't females that are bigger. i'm saying that the ones that are *are not average*. besides, the clothes she's wearing affect the appearance.

...this whole subject was the reason i was petrified of submitting that Enna in the first place. i was surprised when it didn't come up, but then... it was just a matter of time, i guess.
in any case, i don't much feel like working on this right now, so i'll have to step back for a while. i can't really rationalize spending time on an image that won't please its intended audience.

2003/04/01 15:00:23 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
Edited at 2003/04/02 16:03:40 PST
[mystik3eb's avatar]

All I'm saying is: average = normal, normal = nothing out of the ordinary, nothing out of the oridnary = little attention. That's all I'm saying. Also, if you know that people criticize your girls for being small (which I'm not, I just have my reasons), and if you want to turn in a picture in hopes that people will like it, appreciate it, and maybe even use it (which we very well may do with both this pictures), then you should probably sacrifice that one thing that irks you if you want to acheive that "goal" (for lack of better word).

Don't take me wrong, in real life, the smaller the girl is, the better, but for some reason, animated people are just different. It'll strike alot of attention if an animated female (of adult age especially) is small, it won't attract much attention if the breasts are of decent, average size without clinging clothing. Basically, Yuna kinda works, Rinoa works, things like that.

This is my last stand. If, after this, you're still not convinced and I end up standing alone, then so be it, do as you will. Know that I'm not turning you down for making girls have more variety, this situation is just a little different: a game compared to a comic or something like that. I'll tell you one thing, I REALLY appreciate the modesty you bring into these pics, it means the world to me. Thank you for your talent, and I'll still love your pics whether you change anything or not.

EDIT: "OK, that's enough" ? Geez Temp, you sound like one of those airplane people in Anger Management. Read my last paragraph again if you question my tone. Plus, my whole argument is strictly my view on the way our characters will look, and I'm not asking for more than one character being of average size (if any). However, as I'm said, I'm not pushing it, I just want to make sure my whole argument is out there =)

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