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Akio's Rheya
2003/04/01 15:13:08 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

I apologize for implying that your characters have little variety. I didn't mean to make it seem as though I was targeting you Astravaii. I do think it is the perception on your Rheya pic. I like your conceptual idea very much. I'm on your side here. What I was trying to get across was that being so adamant about a subject that is ultimately up to the beholder is limiting. Like me being against certain techno styles. ( I HATE cheesy comercialized techno. Electronica is my art in case you were wondering) At the same time I am not going to change your mind, and I don't know where you come from completely on this subject, or who you know to draw your observations from. Most of the girls I know are proportionally bigger than smaller so a little larger is normal and average to me. Its not to say that I am always looking there or any of that. (not implying that about Mystik or anyone else either)

As far as I am concerned I am done with this subject. Let's all relax a bit?

2003/04/02 01:43:29 PST by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2003/04/02 19:29:14 PST
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::rolls eyes:: OK, Mystik, that's quite enough. It REALLY doesn't matter than much. You are saying that this is going to draw attention, but you are the only one who noticed anything without it being pointed out. Besides, Astravaii is right: Some girls are less than average, and perhaps it just happens that Enna or Rheya is one of them.

I second Aetrus' motion to end this argument. It wasn't worth this much effort in the first place.

ANYWAY... Astravaii, please don't think we don't appreciate the image. I'd put in some compliment here but I think I'd just be repeating my previous posts. ;)

EDIT: Somehow I need to teach people not to edit their posts in reply to later posts. It's really confusing.

2003/04/02 07:52:19 PST by Alex [0/0]

Why is it that every conversation that touches upon Nihilism always concludes with cleavage?

Anyhow... Lookin' good, my little droogies. Carry on.


2003/04/02 22:22:36 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Why is it that every conversation that touches upon Nihilism always concludes with cleavage?

LOL! That's gotta be the funniest thing I've read in a while. You know...in a Fight Club sort of funny. heh.

I guess when everything is all said and done (and I do mean DONE) If it's all for nothing and no means to an end but the present then why not have a little fun via said cleavage? :D

Just kidding of course. Especially since I'm not a nihilist!

2003/04/03 08:40:04 PST by astravaii [0/21]
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ah, forget what i said at the bottom of that last post. i was preparing for a long winter, but a couple days rest and a little sleep were all i needed, apparently. i've been a touch stressed lately.

anyway, i thought i'd show you what state the image is in. i started the cleanup process on the top, because I figured the image in general was relatively stable by now.


ignore the bottom clothing, unless there's some suggestion you'd like to make. i haven't quite decided on the way to approach it and all those lines are just experimental. not to mention rather messy.

if you hadn't noticed, i'm a terribly slow worker. ^^;

mystik3eb: and this'll be my last stand, then that'll be the end of it. ^_^
the way females are portrayed in media leads to feelings of inferiority in real females. i want to take steps toward changing this in my own small way, and giving in to the expectations of society just contributes to the problem.
i don't change the way my females look because there's nothing wrong with what i choose... but that doesn't make rejection less painful. it's the rejection that scares me. but if i allow myself to be molded by my fear... then what am i?
some people do notice the difference because it's so unusual, but if enough people start to account for the aspects of humanity that aren't seen in media... then what is "usual" changes.
and just to clarify a point, people don't always pick on my girls because i usually don't post my art -- anywhere. ^^; this happens to other artists.
well all right... that's all i intend to say.

i get a good portion of my reference from anatomy books.

2003/04/03 13:35:04 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

You know I really like where you are going with this concept. It just resonates with me. Especially the hair color and the glasses. She seems like the type who be more likely to wear goth type clothing if she were here today. It fits with the personality type I think. That's important.

The rantings of a misguided majority, our society, are best ignored. Forge your own way. I am part of a religion whose main line institution has lost the original message. (I'm a Christian) I have rejected them and am attempting to focus on what my religion actually says and not what those with influence want it to say. You might be surprised at how different the two views are. It's not easy to reject something that is so close to the core of things. It leaves a hole. I mean what do I do now that I've rejected the majority of those who claim my religion? I have to define where I stand and live off of that now while somehow finding the truth in my decision. In other words how to be a christian without the institution that is the Church? Its the same when we reject society. How do we live in it when we have rejected it? We must define everything then, and everything must be defined rather than letting a set of socially accepted norms be our guide. The real trick is to find which ones of those norms are in fact healthy and/or true. That's where I am at. Some of the things the religious mainliners say do in fact jive with the 'good book'. Its just rooting out the weeds in my garden that's hard.

You get the idea. I just had a long discusion about this with a friend so I'm a little riled. that's where the analogy comes from. Hope it fits. And I am not trying to tell ANYONE how to live or who to live by. The whole point is make whatever you live by in fact yours and not just live by what your parents or your pals do. Find yourself and you will find your way. (In my case I will find myself in the Deep Electric...but that is a concept that delves into the inner workings of music and its affect on the soul.)

2003/04/03 14:43:50 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Once again, I like! The pic is coming together very nicely.

Regarding clothing: I assume these are Rheya's work clothes. That works pretty well. On her own time, I agree with Aetrus that she'd probably wear dark, dull clothing. That's not important for this piece, of course; just a comment.

2003/04/04 10:40:24 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Her hair looks a little purple. Otherwise I like it. I liked the long thing hanging down the middle, just not sure what you should do with the skirt/pants/whatever underneath.

I'm not sure what you see in Rheya, I don't see a desire to dress up in black eye shadow and black nailpolish and black, skimpy clothing. I see a modest smarty...but that's me. Finish the pic! =)

And I respect you for trying to change society's view of things. I doubt you'll be successful, but that's purely because of how sick people are and how stubborn they can be. Plus hormones don't give out that easy (if at all). And you won't be able to change the real actual average size of breasts.

I must say that if you plan on drawing concepts for any other girls in the game (ie Miriel, an NPC, etc) then I suggest giving them average size, because it is not normal to have the majority of women in a world with smaller breasts. That totally ignores the "average". I think two main characters are quite plenty (if not one too many)...oh gall, why am I still talking about this? I gotta go pray...lol

2003/04/04 13:48:25 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Enough on the breasts already.

As for clothes... well, Rheya isn't goth. That's not what I meant. Rheya probably wouldn't wear makeup at all, and certainly wouldn't wear skimpy clothing. Her concern in clothes would be that they keep her warm while not restricting mobility. She is quite modest, and would never wear something meant to attract attention.

2003/04/04 23:49:08 PST by 3Der [0/7]
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Well since i have a good reputation for posting off topic comments I thought i could enhance my fame by asking the following question.
When is "off middle grey" coming out? I've been quietly waiting patiently for over a week!!:) And how did you come up with that name? I really like it, I've been trying to think of a name for my own game I'm planning to create but cant think of one.yet. I already have the basic plot planned out which i think is really good.

btw I think that rheya should be somewhat concerned about what she wears. she is a female after all and its a natural thing. so she should have some style and some fashion sense. I mean not caring about what she wears as long as its warm and not caring about appearances = major bum

Also I think her hair looks kinda messy, it looks like she never brushes it :) (not like my opinion matters anyway)

And actually i find this breast debate quite amusing. I cant see why either of you are making such a big deal about her bust size.(yeah, and so like what about this hair thing?[also remember brooke])

2003/04/05 00:00:31 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Being female doesn't automatically make you obsess over your clothing. Rheya wouldn't wear trashy clothes or in any way allow herself to look like a "bum", but she doesn't put effort into making herself extra attractive.

2003/04/05 08:25:21 PST by astravaii [0/21]
Edited at 2003/04/05 10:22:38 PST
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i thought i'd tell you i updated the image at that link. i'm going to just do that from now on, since i don't see much point to creating more new files.
i'll post the image in submissions when it's finished.

here's the link so you don't have to scroll

if i choose to be different, i challenge the status quo merely by existing. that's all i need.
...and my conception of average is something you're gonna have to deal with. sorry. ^^;

hah. i can tell you from personal experience that being female doesn't mean you care how you look. i'm in a family of 'em that doesn't. (my brother worries about his appearance more than anyone... spends more time in the bathroom than is healthy. ^^)

i can darken up the clothes. i'm not actually sure WHAT i'm doing with this to tell the truth. work clothes? all right, i guess. if that's what you're thinking. ^^;
just my opinion, though... i didn't think Akio's third image looked much like a uniform.

that stuff about hip level is... weird. i don't know where i'm going either. i'll try something else. again. ^^ most of this is done with the intent of breaking with my usual traditions. sorry if my personal experimentation has to interfere with FoI. heh.

off middle gray (named for the background color i would commonly draw against) has been 'coming soon' for nearly 2 years. heh. it's just a matter of me getting off my lazy ass to finish adding all the content. the layout's done. i can't tell you when it'll be finished. maybe tomorrow, maybe never. sorry. that's just the way i am. ^^;

EDIT: oh yeah... there was something mentioned about shades. i tried them on this image, but they didn't look right. if these are her work clothes and i'll need to re-draw her in an alternate outfit anyway, what they look like here won't matter. is that something i should keep in mind? or should i forget it entirely?

EDIT2: ah! i forgot the comment about the hair looking purple. let me tell you... i don't quite have this CG color thing down. ^^; it doesn't look purple at all in Photoshop and only looks slightly purple on my monitor in IE6. i didn't really think it was a problem. it's black, and the color is just a tint. i may have made the black too light, though. everything looks lighter in Photoshop, too.

2003/04/05 19:57:13 PST by Temporal [manager]
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The shades will be on for half the game and off for another half or so. They are an important part of her character, so we should probably get one image of each.

I agree that Rheya's clothing in Akio's third image doesn't look like a uniform. Akio has a funny way of putting all sorts of extra details into clothes that make them look kinda silly. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how much of a "uniform" Rheya should have, considering that she is a white-collar engineer type, unlike Syne or Cade. And, besides that, we will never see her in her uniform, IIRC.

2003/04/05 20:41:39 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Her hair doesn't look all that purple to me. I mean if I imagine it does then I can visualize a deep purple, but it looks black to me for all intents and purposes. I have my colour depth at 32 bit. I am anal about that. :p

I know what you mean about stuff not appearing the same outside of your main editor program. For me its with my music. The mix always sounds better in ACID Pro 4 then it does it winamp! (No, I don't use the EQ. It's always flat)My theory is that the code for playback is just tighter in ACID Pro 4 then in winamp.

2003/05/04 04:11:34 PDT by CheF [0/1]

I'm not convinced about the glasses. They do something to the character that I don't think should be there. She seemed a far more freya-like character rather than the Quistis-style that you've got there.

Still pretty damn good, though.

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