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Delloran Sketchj and headless person
2005/07/07 13:27:33 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

I think we have partially overlooked another area of his body as a potential weapon. He may be styled like a dragon (Not sure how we want the head to look). But what about a biting ability? I mean no doubt he is gonna have some sharp teeth. Maybe even toss some dentists into some of the towns as teeth upgrades? ;) hehe sky's the limit.

2005/07/07 16:45:25 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I'm already sort of doing more drawings... theyt're not full drawings but I did a body..and next to each body part I did more tiny mini-sketches, like the tail and such...

Instead of looking too draconic, I made them sort of..furry. Well, the head at last. And they have a feathery-type sort of EARS, you know... Kind of like the archaeotera creature... it's from like, the days when birds and lizards started looking alike, and getting feathers and such. It vash cool.

Anyway, I like the ears. In fact, I don't want it to look too much like a gryphen..but not scream 'dragon' because that's not really what they are... They are Antareans.

Posting more pictures as soon as I feel comfortable I've done enough of them..

2005/07/07 18:28:49 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

Can't wait - sounds cool

2005/07/10 16:49:26 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Beh. They're not that great. Just sketches. I will show you in a minute...

Hopefully they'll be recieved with open minds - I'm still playing around with them, see.

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