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[project] Refer your friends
2005/05/07 19:16:15 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Do you have any friends who would make good contributors to Fate of Io? Refer them, and you will get a point bonus.

Here's how it works: Tell a friend about Fate of Io. When they sign up, have them post in this thread to tell us that you referred them. Then, for each five points your friend gets, up to 20 points, you will receive a two-point referrer bonus. So, if your friend contributes enough to earn 20 points, you will get eight bonus points out of the deal.

After your friend posts to this thread, write a post of your own to claim the points. We will award points to that post based on your friend's score.

We only intend to offer referral bonuses for a limited time, until we have enough people around to sustain the project. So, get those bonuses now while you still can.

2005/06/02 15:38:42 PDT by braynstorm [0/9]

Apparently Riven wants me to tell you that he mentioned this to me. so...I'm telling you. and btw...my name isn't on the user list.

2005/06/02 15:39:03 PDT by braynstorm [0/9]

hah, wait. now it is.

2005/06/02 15:43:13 PDT by Riven [0/10]
Awards: 2 from Dev

I'm here to claim those points.

2005/06/02 15:50:42 PDT by LuckyCauthon [0/0]

Hi, hi! Riven has referred me as well!

2005/06/02 15:55:25 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Welcome! Hope to see you all at the meeting Saturday at 4PM eastern / 1PM pacific.

2005/06/02 15:59:33 PDT by Riven [0/10]

Hah more points. ^^

1 post deleted.
2005/07/17 05:22:18 PDT by ivan87 [0/0]

hey riven reffered me too

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