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[gameplay] Brainstorm: Character Abilities
2005/06/06 19:28:38 PDT by braynstorm [0/9]
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I suppose you could use more of an "enemy-skill/blue magic" type system.

We only allow her to morph certain beings because those are the ones we say she can morph into, so there.

There will always be loopholes unless we just draw a line.

This way, it would be easy to program, and it wouldn't become rediculous.

Or, we could basically make it like a "copy" attack (I am reminded ever so slightly of Ditto from Pokemon XD) Where she becomes her target for a limited amount of time or until she is some set range from said enemy that she is fighting. (i.e. make it only good for short range battles.) This would limit it greatly, and we could make it so boss characters are immune to the status and she can't copy them.

Yet, for cutscenes, we can do whatever we want because we can. XD

Law of double standards. Perfect for video games! (Like Aerith in FFVII. I never understood why they couldn't just use a Phoenix Down! ::blink:: Oh well...)

2005/06/10 10:55:05 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Rush...I don't know how to incorporate it, but maybe farther on down the line, Rush can have boosting abilities..like to increase speed, strength, or defense to make it through certain challenges in the story. He was in a lot of wars... so maybe he'll be doing a lot of that sort of thing...

2005/06/10 12:32:07 PDT by Bahamut ONE [0/4]

this might not work completely with the story but maybe each person can only morph into one other correspondant being.
Tyrus can only morph into Dell.
Ko can only morph into a skunk.
Kydran can only morph into a big final boss monster thing.
That way it limits the possibilities therefore the power of the ability and the characters keep some kind of "personality". Of course it's stupid if Ko has to be a skunk all through the game, maybe we can turn in into some other kind of animal with special (not to say magic) skills.

This way the animal people get turned into doesnt have to be one Brooke is familiar with but one the spell target is familiar with.

2005/06/10 17:20:30 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Turning into an animal? Weird. Um... I don't know if that might work. But it's interesting!

2005/06/10 19:48:35 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I actually like and support that idea, Bahamut, to an extent. It would make it easier for planning and would finally put a close to the morph argument. And it kinda makes sense, people only being able to transform into one thing that either the person being transformed or the person transforming has made contact with.

...but it also seems in a way too limiting, you know? *sigh* I dunno, I kinda like the idea, but I don't want it to limit too much...what say you guys?

2005/06/11 09:58:20 PDT by Captain Vimes [0/13]

Maybe they have to go through and either make or read a certain 'eumonetic blueprint' of the creature to be able to change into it.

The Protean race as a whole might have the ability, but using it might have roots in various inter-locking levels of tradition, precedence, and appeals that have never really punched through the required beauracracy. As a result, Proteans might have just completely forgotten about the ability,the required eumonetic blueprints moldering away in a high-security government depot. That's not to say a few have 'vanished' among the years.

Brooke would discover these and thus expand her repitoire of morphable animals. They might, also, be inherited and she manages to gradually decipher blueprints as the story progresses. Kydran could create a blueprint of the creature, and so on.

2005/06/13 11:06:45 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

"Kydran can morph into whatever the hell he wants. Since he knows the language, his only limitation is eumonetic energy."

If its based on language then surely the better the character's understanding the more widespread his ability will be.

Now there are several ways you can take this.

You could have it as, you have to have studied the creature, but different creatures have different complexities, therefore a greater understanding is required.


You can turn into ANYTHING if you're understanding is great enough.

Obviously the second one is near enough impossible to implement and I prefer the first anyway :p

2005/06/13 17:55:29 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I like the idea of having hidden books of Protean Lore around... y'know, that you have to find in your adventures. Some of them you might find after big battles, or maybe some of them you can find on your own but aren't actually necessary for the story. Kind of like collecting game cards. Sort of adds a bit of interest to the game. It also helps to boost exploration.

Who knows? You may not find any Protean Lore but you find more stuff for trying. That's always something that helps me enjoy a game - even though I haven't found what I was looking for, I found *something*. I like that.

Also, The Lore thing is almost exactly like the blueprints... only, you don't have to go after them if you don't want to. Finding Lore also helps to boost the 'understanding' or level of of understanding in order to produce a change greater than what Kydran can do.

2005/06/18 15:32:46 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Bah. Forget it. Discussion on-going in Chat on Saturdays.

2005/06/21 15:47:33 PDT by Dev [manager]
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And speaking of on-going chats, you may want to read the transcript from our last meeting. (Thanks to Stix and Vimes for being there!) But allow me to hit the high points, as they pertain to this task:

  • Syne's coordination abilities could cover everything from efficiently organizing attacks to automatically carrying out procedures that involve several characters' abilities and several steps. Syne might even be able to be "taught" such procedures by the player so that he can execute them automatically later.

  • It follows that solutions our puzzles should require multiple characters and their abilities.

  • Character abilities should have uses (not necessarily direct ones) both inside and outside of combat.

The rest of the chat was focused more on purely gameplay aspects, though we can't really separate the specific puzzles and battles from a discussion of character abilities, since one is an application of the other. However, I really want us to focus on what tools we're going to give our player. And we've beaten Brooke's morph to death. In fact, maybe we should take a break from eumonetics altogether. In our enthusiasm over the unique eumonetics system, Syne, Enna, Cade, Ko, and Rush have barely been discussed. This is the majority of our PCs!

So I'd like to hear more ideas in that area. Remember to think about how these abilities can be used both in and out of combat; try to give some examples. Also, how might some of these abilities work together? If you're at a loss for ideas, I suggest going to the plot outlines. What abilities would make sense for a particular character to have within the context of the story? Or conversely, if you have an awesome new ability idea, what implications does it have for the character's story? (As usual, I'll give contributors a first go at it before I offer my own ideas.)

2005/06/24 15:57:57 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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I was thinking about Del's flight ability. I had ideas, which usually aren't good (i'm not the thinking type of person, you see my problem, eh-heh). By the way, I forgot how to use boldface and such.

I already know but have some slim idea about how ability can be used in and out of battles.

Del's...flying ability. Well... I think someone said earlier, or maybe it was me but I'll just repeat some things.

-Del can pick up enemies during battle and drop them, causing damage. Bosses are unable to be picked up, as are some big foes and such like that.
-Barring enemies, Del could also transport objects over short distances to and from the party or elsewhere, such as in puzzles.
-Other things that Del can do related to flying... such as picking things up and dropping them onto enemies that would be too big for him to pick up.

Delloran's magic... oops, I mean Eumonetics. He is capable of doing a great deal of things. So we ought to make a long list of things that Delloran can do.
I should compile one and post it... but here are a few rudimentary attack spells... most of them being Air oriented or Water oriented until he learns other things, since that is his element.

Wind Break - A blast of air does minimal damage to enemy (or enemies)
Tornado - Possibly a high level spell... it obliterates the baddies in no time... maybe it had some adverse effects to.. perhaps it does damage to all people on the field.
Gust - Damage to all enemies

You get the idea.
Some healing stuff, I dunno:
Soothing Breeze - Some healing to party members
Strong Wind - Strengthens stats or something (i don't think we actually *have* stats, I'm not sure, I'm still getting used to this), and heals party members a lot

2005/06/24 17:25:46 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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I like the ideas! But, all of these seem pretty battle-oriented. Remember that battles are not the main focus in Fate of Io. Most abilities should not be directly battle-oriented (damage/healing), but have some other effect that could be used in a variety of situations. Each character should probably have only one or two direct-damage abilities.

For example, Dell could carry party members as well as enemies. This could be very useful for getting over small gaps or other obstacles. However, Dell should only be able to carry people a short height or distance before getting tired. That way, there will still be places that Dell can fly to alone, but can't bring anyone with him.

Regarding the eumonetic techniques, Dell could use wind to push objects around. Hmm... we should define better what each element includes. For example, the air element includes not just "air" stuff but also anything related to movement. So, levitation or telekinesis would be air techniques. Also, lightning is air-fire. I'm not sure if poison should be air-water or earth-water... hmm.

2005/06/25 16:33:55 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Earth-water. Poison doesn't have much to do with air...at least that's not what I think of when I think of poison.

2005/06/25 17:54:45 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Well, gasses can be poisonous.

But I guess poison should really be water... with poison gas being air-water and perhaps some other kind of poison being earth-water.

2005/06/26 16:51:55 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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Other things Dell can do: Carry people. Um. Y'know buttons..things on floors? Dell can carry people/objects and drop them on the buttons to open doorways/release water gates and such.

Good ideas, I'm getting it.

And Rush...isn't he earth oriented? I'll have to look it up.

Making pillars of earth shoot up out of the ground sounds really cool.

Earth-Water would be like a mudslide effect. Not poison, unless you want to combine water-air... actually, i don't know how you get poison from the two... Maybe air has a poison effect of its own, that can illiminate a group of plant obstacles, but Poison Water only effects really big obstacle things..like sleeping monsters..I dunno. Hell.

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