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[art] Rheya concept
2005/05/08 19:10:57 PDT by Temporal [manager]
Edited at 2005/05/08 19:24:32 PDT
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We already have several good concepts for Rheya, but none which can really be considered "official". Astravaii's is close, but not done. I am trying to track down Astravaii to get her back on the project, but if that proves impossible, it would be nice if someone else could finish off her drawing. Alternatively, if you think you can do better starting from scratch, go ahead and submit something.

2005/05/09 22:13:36 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Wow...her Rheya reminds me of Citan Uzuki of Xenogears. Looks great, though. I love Akio's first Rheya, too.

2005/05/10 22:41:35 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

AKio's Rheya is hot XD

But Astravaii's one is really good, I remember the amount of angst going into that drawing and adding stuff and what not ^^

2005/05/18 19:36:11 PDT by Cothiq [0/6]

I think the first one is the way to go. If you're going to be fighting baddies, a bare middrift is not the wisest choice. Not that I mind looking at a little lady-flesh, but the sort of chainmaille lingerie the femmes commonly wear in today's games is just too much of a stretch.

2005/05/18 20:10:00 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

hmm, lady-flesh. :p

anyhoo, we've got to think about what the clothings purpose was. Was it designed for fighting etc.

2005/10/16 15:45:07 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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I hear nobody objecting to Astravaii's concept of what her face and body sculpt is like. The face is mostly the easiest part for an artist to come up with but the clothes are usually the hardest by far. To help our artist contributors to come up with something, I think we'd better brainstorm what Pylos' lab uniform might be like and then remind the artist.

Rheya is one of Miriel's students and above the lab minions in heirarchy so she probably won't have what the other lab minions might have as uniform. Rather she'd have a lab outfit that is quite individual to her yet covering the practicality and protection of a lab uniform. I'd just like to emphasize the fact we'll be seeing alot of our playable characters so if we had to choose practical or stylish for a particular detail, swaying more towards stylish is probably the best way =)

Added at 2005/10/16 15:54:30 PDT

I see in Miriel's character description that her hair style is undetermined. To be safe, scientists always tie their hair back to stop it getting set on fire or drop in destructive chemicals.

Rheya's hair should also be tied back. I know they aren't scientists but eumoneticists but they would still get involved with substances for testing and the most importantly, with reading and writing so hair in your face obscuring one's view would make things difficult. When I say tied back I don't necessarily mean tight pony tail, just not free moving so it comes into the individual's view. I'd leave this part down to the artist and then we can generally agree on any concepts.

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