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Age: 22
Race: Human
Occupation: Researcher, Pylos R&D
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Black
Eye: Sky Blue
Weapon type: Eumotech programmable device

Rheya is a one of very few humans who are able to use magic. Pylos' research department, being very interested in such people, scouted her out at an early age. She has since learned Pylos' art of combining magic with technology.

Rheya's specialty is constructing devices powered by magic. She has some raw magical power, although it is less than that of a typical magic user. Her real power lies in the devices she creates. For example, she could create a lightning gun using some basic materials and a chuck of ore, engraved with the lettering of the bolt spell. Then, she could charge it with her own magic energy and use it as a weapon. Others could use it too, although they would not be able to charge it themselves unless they are magic users.

Rheya is extremely intelligent. Also, due to her history, she knows much more about Pylos than any of the other characters, and she tends to know exactly what is going on even when the others are confused. However, she only tells the others what she knows if she deems it necessary. The rest of the time, she keeps to herself. She is quiet and introverted. Often, while the other characters are making plans or working on something, Rheya will be off to the side. Sometimes she will be staring off into the distance in deep thought. Other times she will be watching the characters, and perhaps chuckling to herself when she finds them amusing (especially when she knows something they don't).

Rheya is somewhat condescending. She thinks she is smarter than everyone else, and she's probably right, at least in some ways. Of course, there are many different measures of intelligence, and she isn't exactly at the top of all of them.

Over the course of the game, Rheya becomes more and more involved with the rest of the group. Gradually, she opens up to them and works together with them. She begins to explain the reasoning behind her recommendations, rather than just making them. She still spends much of her time alone -- this isn't a flaw -- but she becomes a better team player in the end.

Rheya ends up enjoying Dell's company more than the others. During the game, they have a couple of interesting philosophical discussions, and they find that they think similarly. They understand each other better than any of the others understand either of them.

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