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[music] Enna's Theme
2005/05/30 23:10:32 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Since we'd like to represent our main characters musically, we need a unique musical theme for each of them. These musical themes should generally be significant (more than simply a motif; at least eight measures for the entire theme), easily recognizable, yet adaptable to a wide variety of arrangements since our characters will be in different sorts of situations, and they themselves will change over the course of the story.

Enna needs her own theme. On one hand, it should be highly adaptable, since we first meet Enna as a harsh terrorist, and she slowly evolves to think more critically and gain more appreciation for others (Syne, in particular). On the other, it should solidly identify her, perhaps as a vaguely exotic Drythian (use a nonstandard scale, maybe?), or perhaps by her fiery elemental affinity. This will be a hard one to pin down, so good luck!

Upload your submissions in the music section (remember to include an editable "raw" file), then post a link here.

2005/06/01 19:20:36 PDT by Riven [0/10]

I'm attempting this one. The first part is nice and slow, easily adaptable, the second part that I'm working on at this moment is a faster more upbeat and syncopated one that I tried to get to represent her terrorism for the good of all. That sort of thing. 2nd part isn't up yet.

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