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The Matrix: Reloaded
2003/05/17 23:46:38 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]
Edited by Temporal at 2003/05/18 15:04:19 PDT

[Note from Temporal: Although this post doesn't reveal much, if you are like me and hate even the smallest spoilers, you won't want to read this post.]

Whoa, DUDE, and HOLY FRIKKIN SH*T!!! Don't come close to describing the feeling. It was a tour de force and then some. Not only do the special effects RULE, but the story does as well. I love the deep philosophy in this one. Its so far beyond the cool philosophy of the first one. This film is so loaded to the source (literally) with amazing scinematography, score, choreography, and damn cool story that you will need to see it many times. I plan to go see it again if nothing more than for the deep discusion that Neo has with "the Architect". (see the flick to get that one) There's some really cool subplots dealing with rogue code, left over code (ie peices of the old matrix), and a cool self replicating virus acting outside of the machines or the human faction. (I gave away NOTHING in that description.) SEE IT NOW!! I think you programmer types would like it too. Its much deeper as far as the code goes too. The fight choreography is stunning. SFX are off the hook, and I must say that I LOVED the primal, temple rave scene! Wish my church services ended like that heh heh heh... (see the movie, don't ask me!)

So if you haven't gotten the picture yet...Reloaded is 10x the movie the 1st one was on many levels. There were a few things I didn't like, the ending being one of them. Anyone who has seen it will know what I mean.

time to use the spoiler space! Here's what happens in the end :

WARNING: Spoiler for The Matrix: Reloaded ending is...! Highlight to reveal text.

A cryptic scene involving Neo and some guy (cough) followed by a black screen that says: To be concluded

Not so bad now was it? Now you all know the ending! Come on don't tell me you didn't look! Its not like I really told you the ending now did I?

2003/05/18 15:05:23 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Excellent movie, indeed.

2003/05/18 18:09:24 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE R?!?!?!?!!?!?!? AUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

...*sigh*, it just makes me mad, they have zero reason to have sex scenes in movies, especially movies as good as this. The sex does nothing but degrade it, and the rating prevents tons of people from seeing it. Do they realize they get more money if they make it PG-13? BLAH

PS: Arion from Third Eye Blind is playing bongos right before the sex scene in the streets of Zion. How do I know? www.stephanjenkins.com . Why would you care? I dunno, why would you care?

2003/05/19 03:32:07 PDT by Morpheus [0/5]

ya know... I'm gonna hafta agree. Sex scene in a movie like this just degrades it. Although it is hard to degreade a wicked movie like this, but it is almost as though they tried.

2003/05/19 08:36:26 PDT by TheGreatJohnzo [0/11]

Ok the whole rave/sex scene thing, served a point to the story. That point was served in about 15 seconds. It was important to see the energy the people had that they would dance in the face of adversity (it also shows how great a leader morpheus is, that he can rally the people like that). And it was important for them to show just how much neo and trinity love eachother, because that plays a big role in who Neo is(go watch the movie to figure that one out). It was done with barely-partial nudity too. But the extended bumping and grinding was excessive, and it drew on too long. If they had cut it down to about 15 seconds, I wouldn't have noticed.

As for the rest of the movie, TRIPLE W00T! The fight scenes were a lot more creative than last time, and the I loved how they explained more of the history of the matrix, and the renegade programs and what not. So boss!

I just have one more thing to say: Morpheus with a samurai sword! oohh yeah....

2003/05/19 09:54:53 PDT by Siemova [0/24]
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Yuppers, I saw Reloaded opening night, then again yesterday. The first time I was giddy through the entire film; the second time, not so excited, but I still thought it was awesome. In my opinion, it's slightly better than the original, and I've found only one person who disagrees with me. :)

I agree about the rave scene, by the way... it had a purpose, but was way too long.

Did anyone else stay through the credits for the Revolutions teaser? :)

2003/05/19 13:50:09 PDT by TheGreatJohnzo [0/11]

ack!! No, but I'm going again in the next week anyway, so I'll make sure I stay all the way through the credits to watch it.

2003/05/25 12:09:29 PDT by Alex [0/0]

You guys're actually having trouble getting into R-rated movies? I never did.

For some reason, this now seems very meaningful. I challenge yee all to socially engineer your ways into R-rated movies. Have fun!

Though I'm not a very big fan of this one.


2003/05/26 16:07:55 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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Ugh God. I really liked this film, HOWEVER. I can count the fight scenes on one hand, althought they were all quite long and quite exciting. My fav was the virus/cloning guy in the city clearing.

I say virus/cloning guy instead of a specific name/role because the story had more holes then a 10kilo block of swiss cheese. The philosophy was needless, boring and long winded. I am pretty intelligent and logical...but the talking with the french information guy and the Arcitect was just stupid.

I liked the way Neo stabbed the guys' face in the weapon room repeatedly with the forks without any visable damage. Cmon. I know they don't bleed because they're machine but some kind of maleability would have been good.

Can anybody tell me why Neo's girl looked like a cleaning lady on prozac? Where's the beauty. I saw her in the falling scene (1st showing) and I felt qweezy.

I hate to knock this film constantly...because I loved it non the less! I just hate it when everybody praises it for all the good things and not saying anything about anything bad with the movie. Worse thing for me was that I went with a girl from work. Wich now wants to be 'just friends' and 'isn't ready for a relationship'. Funn that...seeing as she decided to tell me this AFTER the movie and AFTER her mum dropped me off instead of the private taxi I had planned. Grr.

2003/05/27 09:20:03 PDT by AngelOfDeath [0/0]

I have to say that the film was very cool and had a lot of redeeming points, but there were some problems with it.

I think they tried to do too much with the story at one time. I mean, it confuses and cuts short other parts that could be expanded upon. (I'm maining thinking of the rogue program plot, the battles for Zion, and the replicating agent... all could be independently cool) Not that I advocate something like five or six movies, but they might have been a little choosier and maybe done four movies. I don't know. They're milking this already what with the games and other products. (I am very cynical about advertising.)

The action scenes kicked a lot of everything and I was heartily pleased with them. (And so far as I'm concerned there needed to be no rave/sex scene. That was just silly.) Hooray for cool action scenes! And that monk guy is my favorite, (best scene ever...)

2003/05/27 19:31:29 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

For the record the philosophy is KEY to the whole movie experience. Understood or not, although the movies are a hell of a lot better if understood. It adds massive depth to an action movie not lacking in cool effects and awesome sets. DEPTH sorely lacking in most other films like it. Don't think I'm attacking you Davy, but that talk with the Architect was vastly informative, and revealed more about the story than any other place in the film. It gave us a framework to place every event within, and define every metaphor the movie ever attempts to make.

2003/05/28 00:57:44 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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I vote for philosophy. I think it was very well done, and should not have been reduced any.

2003/05/28 07:27:36 PDT by TheGreatJohnzo [0/11]
Edited at 2003/05/28 07:29:24 PDT

I agree with Aetrus and temp. The philosophy is the back bone to the story. Plus it makes you actually have to think about what's going on too. Instead of just mindless kung-fu and stuff blowing up... Which looks great, but it would be empty without

2003/06/05 10:43:14 PDT by BioKupo [0/0]

great movie
okay, now on to the critiqe :p
along with the rest of you, rave......
pointful yes, for 10 minutes, no.
and did they have to show you neo's ass? *shudder*

Thats about it! I loved the film!
other points, The Matrix is a trilogy.
You will see more fights with Smith, the cloning ex-agent. You will see the battle for zion!
All looks very cool.

The point about them milking it for more money.
The Wachowski brothers had this planned out before the first movie. They wrote everything, the animatrix, the scripts, the game. They knew exactly what they were doing right from the start, and by doing so it shows you lots of different POVs. The animatrix tells you whats going on in between 1 & 2, the game shows you what Niobi and Ghost are doing, the whole thing intertwines. If it wasn't like this you'd lose a lot.

The philosophy bits.
The movie is a huge philosophy, it is the basis of the film. The first one managed to show its philosophy very well, but the second movies was much harder to portray, and it showed. They still managed to pull it off though to their credit as script writers. Any speeches they had, the archictect for example, were needed and were really insightful.

And last but not least,
I want the recipe for the neurovingian's cake!!! :p

2003/06/05 10:51:52 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

I want the recipe for the neurovingian's cake!!! :p

I bet you do... lol. :D

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