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The Matrix: Reloaded
2003/10/27 14:11:25 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

What are you saying?

2003/10/27 14:14:58 PST by Temporal [manager]
[Temporal's avatar]

That you shouldn't have read this topic if you didn't want the movie spoiled.

2003/10/27 14:21:09 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

Well, I think you're being discriminative against me because I know some people that messed with you're site. You are really making it hard to get off to a good start.

2003/10/27 19:01:35 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Show yourself to be different then, and not the same. It would be better not to read a thread about a movie you wanted to see since it is most likely going to have spoilers.

2003/10/28 14:25:29 PST by ExtremeDrummer [0/0]

It really does seem like everyone is against me. Sorry.

2003/10/29 06:58:25 PST by f16fighter2009 [0/0]

the matrix reloaded is an awesome game i haven't seen the movie yet but the game is pretty cool

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