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2003/11/18 22:18:16 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

You guys are wusses. The written test is the easiest part of it all. (at least in PA) The driver test wasn't that hard either. You drive your own car with a cop sitting in the side seat telling you what to do. (turn here. Stop there. Look both ways...etc.) He made sure you knew what was what with your vehicle and then had you drive somewhere and turn around. I failed the first time because it was Reading Pa, and the cop was this huge intimidating guy who wasn't much personality wise. Reading is worse than Philly people. I was in a nice section and I still felt unsafe even with a cop in the car.

Then I went to Allentown PA to take my second test. It was freakin easy there. The cop made me drive around the block basically. He didn't even tell me I passed he just told me to take this paper to the desk. I had to look to see that he circled 'pass'! It was raining too. lol.

Don't complain about easy ass tests. The law here in Pa, atleast is now that you have to have 6 months of permit driver time with a family member logging it. I missed that thankfully.

2003/11/20 11:37:33 PST by nixxin [0/33]

Aetrus - that law went into effect in NY as well. and at least your instructors tell you what to do. in NY, the instructors just tell you what to do without things like "look both ways". they'll just mark it down and tell you after the test is over. as for the written test....yea...it's easy.

what the NY test consisted of (her instructions)
-pull out
-go straight
-take a right
-take a left
-parallel park
-pull out
-go straight
-take a right
-pull in

it's on a set course.

2005/06/04 02:43:03 PDT by oxymoron [0/-10]
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lets face it, the racist red neck is right.

asians men are bad drivers.

and white men are pedophiles.

stereotypes do have some truth to it.

and to be honest with you, i rather be a bad driver did a child molester.

fucking red necks. stop parking your vans with curtains covering the windows next to elementary schools.

do some research on the internet. and you will see the some of these red nicks are visiting foreign nations to sleep with kids.

Thats pretty sad.

2005/06/04 03:02:11 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Congratulations on becoming the first person on this site to have a negative score! You also will have a week to contemplate this before the site will allow you or anyone at your IP address to post again.

I want to take this moment to warn everyone that posts like this are not welcome on this site and will be punished. Not only can we dock you points and delete your posts, but we can and will ban your IP address if necessary. We have zero tollerance for blatantly offensive filth like this.

I am also locking this thread as this discussion is not beneficial to the Fate of Io project.

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