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The Midsummer Mark
Posted by Dev at 2005/06/21 16:07:22 PDT

There isn't a lot of "news" in this news post, but some very important reminders, i.e. areas I want to focus your attention on. (Are you paying attention? Don't make me whip out the boldface!)

First and foremost is our current task involving character abilities. If you were an old member and came back to the site to ask "What's the hold up?", this is the answer. I'm really enthusiastic about the innovative gameplay we're formulating for Fate of Io, but it's not going to go anywhere until we create the building blocks of the system. I encourage everyone to have a stab at that task (and as always, awards there count more than awards in other areas).

Secondly, we finally had some attendance in our weekly chats. You can count on either Temporal or myself (hopefully both) being there every Saturday, at 1 PM Pacific / 4 PM Eastern / 9 PM UK, so come if you can.

Finally (and... aftmost?), the friend referral task is still open, so if you know of anyone who'd have something to share with the project, send them an invitation! They don't have to be a talented artist, just someone with a degree of intelligence and interest in game design.

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