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If you're new to the Project, you're probably wondering how things work and what you should do to get started. This introduction will lay out a few highly recommended steps for new members.

1. Read the charter.

The charter is our core document that describes the fundamental principles and workings of the Project; it should answer your most basic questions.

Although much of the information in the above link may be mundane or obvious, some of Fate of Io's workings are very different from other web sites and forums. Please make sure to look over the how-to before you start contributing.

3. Get familiar with the content of the Project.

Before you start uploading and bringing up ideas right and left, it's a good idea to see what's already there. The Fate of Io Project has been around for several years, so the amount of material we already have may make it seem like there's no room for you, but don't let it overwhelm you. Give yourself time to learn about the story and the characters; you'll find it's not that hard to reach the general level of most other contributors.

4. Introduce yourself, ask questions, and start talking with other members.

Teamwork is an important component of the Project, and if you don't get to know the others working with you, it won't be as much fun. Don't be afraid that your questions and comments will immediately stigmatize you as a "newbie". If there's any social connotation we automatically attach to a new face, it's certainly one of appreciation for another helping hand!

If you're unsure about something or need help, feel free to contact me (Dev) via e-mail or IM.

What not to do

  • Do not post a new thread asking what the game is about, what kind of game it is, how the gameplay will work, etc. You can learn all about the basics of the game by reading for yourself. Your thread will be answered with a link to this page.

  • Do not post asking where you can download or play the game. You can't. It is nowhere near complete.

  • Do not submit ideas that are not specific to Fate of Io. You may have neat ideas that you'd like to see in some game, but if you want those ideas to become a part of Fate of Io, you must tell us how they fit with this game.

  • Do not use Fate of Io as a discussion board for unrelated topics. While we do provide a "General Discussion" forum for off-topic discussion, this forum is meant for regular Fate of Io contributors, not for random outsiders. If you are not a contributor, we are not interested in hearing about your favorite video games nor about how cool you think Advent Children is going to be.

  • Finally, it should go without saying that name-calling, harassment, abuse, cracking, spamming, plagiarism, copyright infringement, posting of adult content, and other obvious offenses will not be tolerated. We can and will permanently ban you if necessary.

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