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Last updated at 2005/04/29 18:10:56 PDT by Temporal

Although everyone is allowed to contribute to Fate of Io, the following people have taken on additional responsibility in organizing and directing the project.

Project Leaders

Dev: Founder, Project Manager
Temporal: Lead Programmer, Assistant Project Manager

Distinguishing between what is Dev's responsibility and what is Temporal's is not simple, as they both tend to work on everything. In general, though, Dev is more of a director while Temporal is more of a producer. It is Dev's creative vision which brought the project into being, but Temporal wrote the web site software and maintains the server.

Advisory Staff


The advisory staff aids in directing development of various sections of the project. Again, anyone is allowed to contribute anywhere they want. The advisors are simply there to keep discussion moving and organize contributions.

Advisory positions are not permanent. It is often the case that an advisor will lose interest in the project for periods of time. When this happens, a new advisor is appointed by Dev and Temporal to replace the old one.

NOTE: At present, there is no advisory staff, nor any immediate plans to create a new one. At various times in the past, we have used advisory staffs in an attempt to help direct and organize contributors. However, what we usually found was that the staff members either did not understand how to fulfill these responsibilities or did not have the time or inclination to do so. Eventually, staff members would lose interest, sometimes completely disappearing from the project. New staff were promoted to take their place only to see the pattern repeat.

With the advent of the v5 web site, we feel that we (Dev and Temporal) have the necessary tools to lead the project ourselves. If this turns out not to be the case, we will consider creating a new advisory staff at that time.

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