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To use this chat room, your web browser must support Java, JavaScript, and LiveConnect. Most do, but some don't do it very well. In particular, if you are using Firefox on Windows, you will need to upgrade to Java 5.0 or later. Firefox on Windows is also known to crash if this page is repeatedly refreshed, so avoid that. Internet Explorer and Opera on Windows both seem to work fine. On Mac OSX, Safari 1.2 and Opera have been known to work, while Firefox and Internet Explorer do not seem to work. Other browsers and other OS's have not been tested, but should work if they correctly implement the required standards.

Weekly meetings take place on Saturdays at 1 PM Pacific Time (4 PM Eastern, 9 PM UK). Everyone is invited.

Chat commands:

  • /me - Like in IRC.

  • /away - Sets you away. Type a message after "/away" to set it as your away message (optional).

  • /back - Sets you back from away.

  • /beep - With no parameter, causes a sound to be played to everyone who has the first checkbox checked. If you specify a username after "/beep", it will cause a sound to be played just to that user, and only if they have the second box checked.

  • /roll - Have the server choose a random number between 1 and the number you specify. For example, "/roll 20".

  • /tell - Send a message to a specific person. Follow the /tell with the name of the receiver, then your message. (If the receiver's name has a space in it, do not type the space.) For example, "/tell Temporal What's up?". /tells will only be visible to you and the receiver. Please note that /tells are logged, and administrators will be able to see all /tells in the log to prevent abuse.

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