Fate of Io
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This is the communications center for Fate of Io contributors. Browse the forums or use the search box to ensure you aren't creating a redundant topic. Remember that well written, thought-out posts that contain useful ideas will probably gain you points, while derogatory or inappropriate posts will lose them.

The Game
In this forum, discuss:

  • Story development, characters, and the game setting

  • Gameplay systems and specifics

  • Art design (visual, musical, conceptual, etc.)

  • Anything else directly related to game content

The Project
In this forum, discuss:

  • Administrative issues like meeting times, staff organization, etc.

  • Questions or suggestions about the site itself

  • Anything else related to the functioning of the project

General Discussion
Fate of Io contributors can use this forum for off-topic chat. Please keep it civil; no posts here will receive awards, but we reserve the right to penalize unruly behavior.

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