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And the Dragon comes in the NIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT!!!!
2003/04/08 17:52:53 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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K, this actually isn't about Trogdor the Burninator, this is about the dragon race of Fate of Io. Scrounging up some stuff in the Concerning Anything but Hobbits topic, I decided to post any info I wanted concerning the matter here.

1) Population: Minimal. Dragons have always been coolest (in my opinion) when they're rarest, and I don't see why we should have too many more in the world (or at least on our two islands) that who's involved in our story. Maybe a really cool side-quest option would be to meet the other dragons. That's an option I want people to consider. Let's hear some brainstorming with this idea.

2) Look: This should be for illustration people to take into account while we draw Aequus and co. I want to hear some ideas of the height, weight, color(s), and other physical characteristics of these awesome beasts (since I'm too busy and lazy to right this moment).

3) Personalities: We all know dragons to be generally bad tempered, angry, vicious, more on the not-so-bright side, and not very social. Anything you guys want to add/take off/support?

4) History: Should we spend time making a history of the race? I don't find this totally necesary for in-game use unless we use it in some way for some dragon side-quest. Any ideas?

Ok, let's go from there. I can't really add any ideas right now, but I'll comment on what you guys come up with (remember, if I criticise, it's purely constructive). In the end, Dev and Temp will still be the final judges. Lemme hear what you got to say!

2003/04/08 20:44:25 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]
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Well refer to my sig about Dragons! no really here's one description that I came up with for a different story. (same one that Aetrus comes from):

[here be] dragons about the size of a rhino with metallic green scales and long necks which end in a single head adorned with two horns and small, beady, red, eyes. Their tails are long and slender, but they have a single, or double row of small spiked plates, which taper down to the very tip of the tail. They also have large membranous wings that sprout from the upper part of the back. Their scales are like a fine suit of armor and they have few weaknesses...

These dragons are nasty and mainly hunt at night. Their main method of attack is to let out a fiery blast in the general direction of their prey flushing it in a direction of the dragon's choosing. In close combat they employ large 12-inch claws that shred anything they come in contact with. These are prized and used as special daggers or made into ceremonial knives.

I edited that a little to be more flexible. I wrote that for a particular type of dragon that lives in a forest. Hence the Green. I wouldn't say that dragons ingeneral are less then intelligent. The dragon I described above would be cunning and resourceful although lacking any higher order thoughs like speech and the like. Think along the intelligence level of a Raptor from Jurassic Park.

Also I think that dragons in general for FoI would range in size from About the size of a large horse(more common) to 1-1.5x the size of an African Elephant. I'd say Aequus would be rather closer to 1.5x since he's able to ferry the party back to the other continent. I also think that he'd be a metallic color. In fact I see all dragons (not nescessarily Antareans) as having metallic type coloring. A deep blue metallic is nice, as is a blood red mettalic, or Black metallic. A brilliant White metallic would be rarest I'd think since they're so visible. That's the kind of thing that would fetch a hefty price...even one scale would. I'd go for Aequus being the Deep Electric Blue. Maybe a combination of red? Like a metallic swirl of some type?

Also, I don't think Aequus would be low on intelligence at all. In fact I'd say these large dragons are pretty quick on the uptake although maybe too set in their ways. After all these guys would have to be long livers, and long lived people tend not to change much if they have a certain way of doing things. (notice that in old folks homes)

2003/04/08 23:26:46 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Clarification: When we talk about dragons, we are NOT talking about Antareans. Dragons are not Antareans. Antareans are not dragons. They may look similar, but it'd be like saying a house cat and a lion are the same thing.

Anyway, I would say 1.5 times the size of an elephant would be our minimum dragon size. I think maybe we should have Really Big dragons because, for one, people would certainly see that they are, in no way, Antareans. The size thing also makes me think dinosaur, which would suggest that dragons are indeed a race that's simply dying out.

Color for the Tarikun dragon is set: he's "ivory," so a metallic white would work. For Aequus, we have room to brainstorm. Metallic colors might look cool, but I always thought normal colors just looked more natural, like the thing was an actual animal.

As for personality, I think the story pretty plainly shows that, while dragons are quite intelligent, they can be rash and quick-tempered. We see this when Aequus attempts to eat Syne in Chapter One, and how the Ivory Dragon responds to Brooke's presense, and to Ko's disobedience (by killing Kory). But I like your point, Aetrus, they probably would be slow to change. Aequus and the Ivory Dragon have probably always been Protectors, so that's where their loyalties lie, and that won't change.

Hmm. In fact, if you guys want to work on their history, maybe we could assume that the Protectors really began as a fellowship of dragons, that knew they could be destroyed if the Protean-Antarean war ever reached resolution. Maybe we'd see Rush with lots of dragon symbols on his armor and sword, then. We'd have to think about how the dragons figured out the whole Antarean/Protean eumonite/language balance thing.

2003/04/09 10:10:21 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

Clarification: When we talk about dragons, we are NOT talking about Antareans. Dragons are not Antareans. Antareans are not dragons. They may look similar, but it'd be like saying a house cat and a lion are the same thing.

1.5x elephant size minimum. check. Like brachosaur sized at the largest?

I figured on the metallic type colors for a few reasons:

1. As a natural warning to other animals. "HI, I'm big and huge and you can't even scratch my scales SO GET LOST!" <= that sort of thing. The same reason poisonous snakes and such are brightly colored.

2. To distinguish them from the Antareans who are a dragon-like type race. I figure them to be an earth tone or maybe dark green color set.

3. it looks frikkin cool! heh...

2003/04/09 16:08:56 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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I agree with the size (I still think 1.5 the size of a huge elephant is too small), and with Aetrus' reasons for them being metallic. I also like the idea with the dragons being the start of the protectors (plus I'd love to see Rush decked out with dragon stuff).

2003/04/19 10:50:16 PDT by Alex [0/0]

Puff, the magic dragon,
Lived by the sea . . .

2003/04/19 21:37:44 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

Puff, the magic dragon,
Lived by the sea . . .

"You a pot head, Fockker?"
"What? NO! I pass on grass! Well most of the time..."

(refering to spiking a volleyball)

"I'd have to be pretty high but I could do it"

"I guess you would, Panama Red."

RIGHT! Well then enough with the Meet the Parents quotes...


I still think we should go with a metallic colour scheme. It doesn't have to be a flashy metallic. It could be a deeper shade of say...green with a metallic sheen to it. White would look good that way too. I would think that they'd be pretty old like hundreds of years old at least. Especially if they are set in their ways. The guardian dragon for example would remember how the Protean/Antarean war started and endevour to keep the people of Tarikun weak and subjugated. I don't think this dragon is evil, just heavy handed because of what happened there, and the role that the Tarikunians played in the war. (to be fleshed out or not)That would also lend itself to Aequus being agressive since he'd been charged with defending Dell (right?) and guarding the area. He'd be more likely to "shoot first ask questions later".

2003/04/27 06:58:33 PDT by CheF [0/1]

How about there's this beach somewhere with this psychedelic dragon on it, and there's this subquest involving magical flutes, and...

2003/05/03 05:09:33 PDT by Music Man089 [0/0]

By metallic sheen.. Do you mean shiny or actually LOOKING like it's metal? I can't catch that. Anyway...

Growth size. How big would the infants be? Is it all going to be in comparison with African Elephants, and if so, are African Elephant infants really small? I don't know much about Elephant sizes. Sorry, I'm not very good at coming up with useful questions, but I feel the need to ask.

2003/05/03 10:10:25 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Metallic sheen = shiny like clean metal, with a really sharp color.

I'm leaning away from the elephant comparison. I'm starting to think dragons would generally range from 2/3 - full size of that of a blue whale.

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