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Monsters (ff9hq resurrection)
2003/05/26 16:46:46 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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Monsters (ff9hq resurrection)

Here is a list of monster habitats I archived back when ff9hq got themselves rid of FoI. When we went independant, I made some archives of important lists, such as this one. Because it is so old, some of these won't be viable any more.

giant bugs
evil animals (orcs, goblins)
insane (unicorn, pegasus etc)
starship trooper style bugs - ARACHNIDS?
ground serpents
prehistoric fish
earth monsters - GOLEMS?
Reinforced Armored Crab
a very translucent streamy Spectral eel
humans-army, rebels, etc
walking playing cards for training...!

Dingbat - smallest variety of bat
BaseballBat - bat with larger wings and a club for a tail
Spiked bat - porcupine bat
Siphoner - auto drains life in its presence
Autoexec bat - most annoying (j/k)
(trees - walking around on roots)
Twiggy - a young tree (cane-like attack)
Smoking wood - your basic pissed off tree
Petrified- tough bark tree
Willow of destruction - weeping willow with flaming leaves
(mites -little creatures that cling to a character that can only be killed by attacking the character infected)
Shivering mites - burn to disinfect char
flaming mites - opposite of above
Contagion mites - carriers of an annoying plague
Uranimites - prolonged exposure causes radiated status
Last Rites - mites that cause constant damage alarmingly fast - 5%hp every quarter second maybe.

Mad scientists
-freaked grad student
-demented summoner
-PH.D. in anything
Rebel terrorists
Summoning devices
-alarm clocks
-intruder alerts
-disaster alarms
-Scardy Kats

greek monsters
floating orbs
samurai etc...
animals from wilderness ie. wolves, bears, tigers etc
humans as hybrids - fish men, lizard men etc
evil/possessed animals ie. evil bunny ^_^

Dynamic Monsters....
change after attacked....

Spore plant- plant with a big bulb on top... by hitting the bulb, it will cause a dozen smaller spores to pop out onto the battlefield, each has to be defeated individually...
Hydra- grows a head each time its attacked and with each head, gains one more turn to attack...
Nest- if attacked physically, it will cause the launch of many many little bugs who attack at random

Hazardous to attack monsters -

Quill- very VERY sharp monster that hurts you each player that tries to attack it up close...
Flare- a fire elemental that explodes a small are outwards each time it is physically attacked... meaning the player who attacks receives damage...
Magic Mimic- should only be physically attacked being as it learns ever spell you use on it and automatically uses the most powerful one as its main attack against you...

meet half way monsters!!!!!!
instead of a direct attack, the enemy meets the player half way and they both attack each other there... pictures of two ninjas slashing at each other in mid air comes to mind... Extremely agile monsters and bad guys can do this maybe!

Docile 'monsters'
Toothless Drake
Great Falcon
Seekers (trees with eyes growing out of them)
Flutterbys (giant stain-glass looking butterflies)
Ganchies (great big aligators with dragonfly wings)
Sephies (sprites)
Nigmas (odd shaped creatures)
Centaur (maybe a forset village with Centaur inhabitants??)

Guardians: Water demon - Guardian of underwater ruins, it is made of water. Immune to physical, but susceptible to ice and water.
Charmed one - Immune to magic spells, this warrior hits hard. He guards... something. A weapon, perhaps?
Microwave - A small, harmless rock, but it emits lethal radiation. High resistance to physical, high resistance to magic, find another way to defeat him. (Answer - Maybe using a mirror? Reflect his microwave attack/spell back on him?)


Enchantress - Extravagent magic caster with a gorgeous appearance that diminishes into an old hag the more you beat her.
Golem - Mini boss (or cannon fodder) main battle monsters with elemental differences based on environment. must be defeated with opposite affinities.
Submarine boss - cool looking sub based on preconcept design (see webpage) piloted by misc baddies)
Draconian Hellbreders(halbreders) - Antarean High Guard Forces wielding very large spears with extravagant and deadly blades
Fallen Angel - A beat up angel (Black magenumber3 second time but an angel ) the angel will do light attacks the more damage taken the eviler attacks till it comes to Lv:8 Death.
A phantom ninja that is noncoporeal (can walk through walls, physical objects, etc) that uses a merging attack with the ground. It actually sinks quickly into the ground, pops up from the ground right next to a player and attacks them with little to no warning. It travels through the ground at Extreme speeds and can attack from behind. He weilds a Dark blue katana with a silver handle. his outline is that of a bluish flame... although he can attack with his sword very very quickly, he can alos use other tactics such as possession and elemental raids from the sky (fire rain, ice rain, etc)

Reference: Think Great Wyrm from Masters of Magic for his attack...

Mirror Reaver: Can transform into a character in your party. When this happens, any attack on him will actually affect you party member that he looks like. Advantage of this is you can for example heal that character if your character has some some "wall" spell on themself. Uses many magic attacks when in its regular form.
CrimsonSlasher: Kind of transformed human/beast with 2 blades as arms.
Hovers in air, spins around which makes it very hard to see, as it can suprise you with a spinning wind + slashing attack.

Naquer: Giant scorpion that poisons enemys with its breath,(this time with a much stronger poison), and attacks with its claw. It can sting a guy which petrifies him.

Metallic Monster - A man sits inside this mechanical beast, controlling its movement. The metal has been enchanted to resist physical attacks. It's also been enchanted to resist magical attacks. Solution? (Use dispel magic, and the enchantment dissapates... for a while. When your attacks stop doing damage, you need to dispel again. Warning - while the dispel is hovering around in the air, you cannot cast any spells at all!)

Sub Boss:
Living metal - Immune to physical attacks, he's an evil creation made by... Miriel?

Name: Rangda
Description: An evil female demon that has wild, long hair, fingernails & toenails are long claws, plus she uses powerful, and harmful spells.

Deterent - magical orb like monster that meets the player half way on its attack vector and tries to repel him/her backwards at great speed...

Antaeran Attack Dog - a lesser drake of a different species of Draconian... smaller, with more aggression than control...

Payne - a window omniously floating in the air. Think the Pug with the lantern from FF. Its attack is to move close to the victim and Shatter violently... then pull back together as if rewound for secondary damage. Doing so severely damages the person... after reassembled it floats back a ways. It can maneuver to any place an enemy can on the screen...

2003/05/27 13:41:30 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Good start. We need to make an official list of monsters with attributes, abilities, steal items, etc. for each one. Basically, we need to create our beastiary, including our bosses.

2003/05/27 19:39:44 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Let me see, here, I think I can help you with the Boss thing. Here's a quick run-down of the encounters that are mandated by the storyline (major characters are in bold):

  • Terrorists, including Enna

  • Aequus (fight and lose)

  • [Petrola] the [Petrolan] at the Firebridge

  • The Titan City Guard/Police/Whatever inside Pylos HQ

  • Efon, Miriel's enhanced zombie Drythian and Enna's former friend

  • Benivalle, a solo fight with Cade

  • A Really Big Mercenary Army Hired By Pylos (Chapter option 6B only)

  • Hyde and Dantalian at Pylos Gamma

  • Kydran, using the morph spell to become a ginormous dragon

  • Generic deadly monsters native to the waste surrounding the former kingdom of Tarikun

  • Protean guard of the grove, solo fight with Brooke

  • Paerda's guards

  • Lots of Antareans that storm Protea

  • "A beast, very large and obviously defending the thing" (Pylos Epsilon)

  • Brooke and Rush, who are defending Tyrus

  • Tyrus, who turns against everyone but Ko

  • Kydran, as his little own self, but invincible with rez devices

  • Lots of scary magic creatures from Pylos Epsilon during the Battle of Antares

  • The Final Kydran Battle

Of course, this list is due to change, since we haven't even fully revised the story.

2003/05/28 06:11:56 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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We need to start on concept art/sketches of these. Brainstorming thier skills and how they walk/attack/act etc. It may not be needed right now - but I know we'll all be thanking ourselves later when we need the info.

It's so much better to be able to start on something with all the tools, equipment and materials all prepared before hand. Think Surgeon. I wouldn't like to have to take an arm off a guy before he has been sedated and knocked out cold!

I am not sure on where the node/s are for brainstorming any of that. I know the illus node is self-explanatry. I've been away for too long and lost touch. Anybody willing to help on this - nice one.

2003/05/28 07:56:40 PDT by TheGreatJohnzo [0/11]

Ok, I can't draw but here's some ideas for attacks and what not for "Efon, Miriel's enhanced zombie Drythian and Enna's former friend"

He's a zombie thing so he should normal attacks like punches and bites. His punch could do the standard zombie 1-2 punch thing per attack. Byte is a single attack but does more damage.

Whenever ever he is hit by a 'critical strike' or his HP gets below a certain point. He starts to glow and all his attacks are suped-up by magic. He also gains a moderate magic-blast that can affect up to 3 people if they are near eachother.

2004/03/08 17:53:40 PST by Soulnirvana7 [0/0]

I just took a look at the new units, very good ideas but like someone else said, we need a quick concept art of each. Well perhaps not all, just the ones we need to design. (EX. everyone knows what a werewolf looks like but not everybody knows what a chimera is). Im a new member here at Fate of Io, and I really have to say this is very well made so far.

2004/04/05 15:23:09 PDT by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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I vote that a new sub-node is created so that I can start the brainstorming.


It will be too big to be accomodated by the battles sub-node.

2004/04/06 23:23:46 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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I think I'd put monsters somewhere under Story->Setting, actually.

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