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The demise of a good friend.
2002/11/01 16:48:35 PST by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

He was a good mage. He served me well over the years. But now, unfortunately, the mage has gone. No more will has breakdancing antics amuse and delight (and maybe even annoy) you all. I'd like us all to take a minute's silence to honour our good friend, and long-time dance buddy, The Mage.

(On a side note, I am going to get a new avatar, and it will be just as amusing as the mage. At least. And it will involve coconuts and googly eyes. You have been warned.)

2002/11/01 17:08:47 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Aw danggit...What's wrong with the mage? He could bust a move better than my b-boying cuz. What's next then? A harmonica-playing Crono? Tap-dancing sprite (from SoM)? C'mon! =)

2002/11/01 17:17:46 PST by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

The mage couldn't come because, alas, he was 48x48 pixels and the forums only support 64x64. I did give you some hints as to the new avatar, if you look above. It'll also involve a very strange pop group called the avalanches, and their video Frontier Psychiatrist.

2002/11/01 19:09:59 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]

Sounds scary. I think I had the black mage in 64x64 on my comp before I formatted, lol. Oh well, your new one sounds.........better?

2002/11/01 21:08:02 PST by nataku [0/19]

why couldnt you jus resize it?

2002/11/01 23:23:05 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Frontier Psychiatrist eh? lol! That song is hilarious in a Disociative Identity Disorder kind of way...even in an Anti-Social Personality Disorder sort as well. hehehe pardon me I'm neck deep in an Abnormal Psych course. Good luck with the Av!

2002/11/02 03:26:28 PST by white [0/0]

Too bad... we all loved the mage.

2002/11/02 08:59:19 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
[Davy boy2000b's avatar]

Aww fudge..!!

I reckon tis gonna be a coconut juggling monkey!

2002/11/02 11:36:24 PST by RealDeal [0/0]

Hey y'all. Let's remember the mage through good times and bad it danced it's little heart out.

By the way a small question about avatars and sig pics, do you need the old [img] code or html or what? I'm rather confuzzled.

2002/11/02 13:43:35 PST by Alex [0/0]

You'll always be able to find Mr. Mage in http://www.AlexLibman.com/images/avatars/ (both 48 and 64 pixel versions).

If anyone wants any files added or removed from that folder, please e-mail me. mailto://[email protected]

2002/11/02 14:35:38 PST by BioKupo [0/0]

that boy needs therapy!

perfect for you fang ;)

2002/11/02 15:48:31 PST by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

I know, I love that video to bits. And the coconut...

2002/11/06 15:05:34 PST by Morpheus [0/5]

*bows his head in a moment of silence for the mage* what a mage, sure made trips to the forums worth while. On a good side of things, look who's here! me :)

2002/11/08 09:41:23 PST by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

Screw this. Bring on the mage!

2002/11/09 16:08:18 PST by nataku [0/19]

wats all that white stuff around ur mage?

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