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Sonata Arctica (And the whole Power Metal thing)
2003/01/04 10:03:37 PST by Music Man089 [0/0]

Hey! I was just wondering how many people here knew about Sonata Arctica. And if you don't, do you know what Power Metal is? Do you know Stratovarius?

2003/01/04 13:33:13 PST by CheF [0/1]

Stratovarius. Hmmm. YOu know, you're talking to the least musical person here.

Did he make violins, or something?

2003/01/04 13:35:56 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

Nope. What are they?

2003/01/06 07:52:00 PST by jewelss160 [0/0]

I'm gonna have to go with the flow, and say I don't have a clue...care to enlighten us? :-)

2003/01/07 11:55:19 PST by XenoMP [0/20]
Edited at 2003/01/07 11:56:31 PST



Tornio is like 25km away from Kemi and my school is there also so...

Must call and book the tickets right now! :D

//EDIT: I'm pretty sure that they will play some new stuff from the new album.

2003/01/07 16:31:11 PST by Morpheus [0/5]

hey, I just downloaded some sonata artica to see what the fuss was about. I did enjoy it. Good music, nice sound. And if you guys like that, you may nice Nightwish (some nice songs are: Nightquest, Kingslayer, Dead Boys Poem, and Stargazers).

2003/01/07 22:17:07 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

What ever happened to good old fashioned Metalica? Good songs include: For Whom the Bell Tolls*, Master of Puppets, Until it Sleeps, The Thing that Should not Be*, The Outlaw Torn*, Of Wolf and Man,* Hero of the Day (the S&M version mainly)*, Wherever I May Roam*,...geez too many to name. Mostly from the pre Load era. Though The Outlaw Torn would make a KICKIN music video if set to say Outlaw Star or some other type of space cowboy type anime. (If I close my mind in fear...please pry it open...if my face becomes sincere....beware...if I start to come undone...stitch me together...if you see me strut remind me of what's left this outlaw torn...)::listens::

*denotes personal favourite.

I had a friend who was into European Metal. Swedish Metal especially. It was good stuff. It had a definate flavour to it that was different from America Metal or British Metal. I can't quite explain it. I think he had some Sonata Artica, but that was 3 years ago now so I don't remember.

EDIT: DAMN The Outlaw Torn is a GREAT SONG! D/l it if you can. Get the long version. It's about 11 minutes long if you can find it.

2003/01/12 04:15:38 PST by BioKupo [0/0]

Sonata Artica, what a band, even if they do look a bit strange :p
so do Stratovarius come to think of it ^_^

Fang told me about them back on the old forum, got an album from both now, and they are so good!!
everyone should have some ^_^

2003/01/13 03:05:01 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
[Davy boy2000b's avatar]

Metal in general. I know what it is. It's a group of idiots torturing half decent (and ancient) musical instruments whilst some junkie is screaming something about his fake pain and suffering.

As you can tell, I hate it. I have nothing against the poor souls that actually push thier eardrums to listen to it, though...

2003/01/13 11:17:27 PST by XenoMP [0/20]


>It's a group of idiots...
Who are _you_ to call them idiots?

>...torturing half decent (and ancient) musical instruments...

LOL.... You're making a real ass of yourself Davy. This is what happens when you think you know it all, but still know nothing. Tell me if you think, for example, a Korg Triton/Studio or KARMA is an ancient instrument.
I'm not going to comment on other instruments (Guitars, drums, bass) because I'm myself a synthesizer junkie...
I can read between the lines, that you think Eminem is a talented artist or someone from linkin park can actually sing. Can eminem play any instruments? Nope. Can he _sing_? nope. Does linkin park write their own songs? As far as
I know, they don't. And if they do, they should leave it for someone else...

>...whilst some junkie is screaming something about his fake pain and suffering.

Hmm... screaming. Tell me what are the vocalist of linkin park doing if he's not screaming? I'd like to know.
Like you have already made very clear, that you haven't heard even a one piece of a good metal, how can you judge the message which is included in the songs? Lyrics are always, a work of imagination, with little amount of reality
in there too. In most of the cases, these lyrics are supposed to be a short stories. Like the mastermind of Nightwish, Tuomas Holopainen said, every song tells a short story, it's like a very very short movie and the music is a soundtrack for it. To proof this, read these lyrics from the Sonata Arctica's song, The End of This Chapter.

[Http://personal.inet.fi/musiikki/xenophonstudio/teotc.mp3] , and if you want a better quality version of this song,

go buy the album. Or download. Whatever.

I gave you my time
I gave you my whole life
I gave you my love, every dime
They told me it was... a crime

Do you remember?
Or did it all go in vain...

-Chapter Two
I looked in the light, I sat in your coalmine
The promise they made, I should keep?
Make sure that we would never meet

I can?t remember
The promise I made so deep

Tell me that past times won?t die...
Tell me that old lies are alive

-Chapter Three
Across darkened skies, I travelled without a light
I sank in the well of my mind
Too deep, never to be found

I can?t remember...
How could you be so vain...

Tell me that past times won?t die...
Tell me that old lies are alive
Love that expired too long time ago
Kills me, it thrills me...

-Chapter Four
You have new love and
It looks good on you
I have never wished you dead, yet.

You can now have all the things I could never give to you
Look out the window & cest ?moi&...

-Chapter Five
I?m sorry, I am here
I?m not sure if it should bring you fear
I whisper in your ear
Why is he here?

-Chapter six
While you are sleeping, I steal your ear ring
Light you one candle, this anger I handle

They said I won?t find you, but now I?m beside you
I?m not all that stable
You should know by know that you are mine...

Tell me that past times won?t die... Tell me that old lies are alive

I tell you that past times won?t die...
I tell you that old lies are alive
Love due to expire too long time ago
Kills me, it will kill you...too

You think Tony Kakko, the vocalist, is screaming? You can go to h*ll.

>As you can tell, I hate it. I have nothing against the poor souls that actually push thier eardrums to listen to it, though...

I feel sorry for them, who just listens to what their friends do, and try to be popular amongst other people because of music they listen to.
Music is supposed to rise feelings. Feel anger, sadness, longin etc... I can't imagine how rap can do any of this...

As you can see, I take this very personally, because I'm so fed up of this pop culture. Take this offensively or not, but this is my view to this subject.

2003/01/13 11:55:35 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
Edited at 2003/01/13 11:58:31 PST
[mystik3eb's avatar]

...wow....quite the reaction. Maybe you should find out what Davy actually listens to before attacking his opinion.

But davy...what you said was completely unneccesary. If you don't like metal, fine, no one has a problem with that. But you DON'T need to come in where people who DO like metal come and share their love for it (you can even tell there is bonding happening between the people), and then trash and cuss out their music, the music they appreciate and love.

What you said was completely unneccesary, all it takes is "I never was a metal fan, but that's just me. What do you guys like about it? I never saw anything that pulled me to it, what pulls you guys to it?" Please be a little more mature from now on.

And Xeno...I understand how you feel (I absolutely HATE when people do the same thing to my music, believe me, it happens all the time, because it seems that I like almost all kinds of music, and, of course, not everyone does), but you don't have to "react" in such a strong manner. Why hurt someone just because they hurt you? I for one happen to like Linkin Park, as do many other people (Chester does sing most the time, and I'm under the strong impression they write their own music, I'm just sick and tired of the same old songs, they need new stuff bad), and your comments in this way have only offended other people the same way davy offended you. Next time, you should just ask them to keep their opinions to themselves if they're that strong and [possibly] offensive to others.

I hope that I've helped settle any flames...I really don't want to see contention in this group. It's the last thing we need, and it's never helped us before. All it will do is bring us down.

2003/01/13 23:12:12 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

Guys guys! No need to get all pissed here.

Davy: Tact? Remember we talked about that. If you don't like Metal fine its your thing be cool.

Xeno: I agree with you about HATING pop culture. I think its tired overblown and worse it is encroaching on the synthetic genres. (electronica) They're doin it all wrong too naturally. As to Linkin Park. They DO write their own stuff and they use Korg Triton Studios and MS2000s to do it. I like their sample based style for the most part. They do desperately need new stuff. A bad choice for using as a pop reference though. (opinion of course)

I personally am a HUGE synth junkie...the reason why I own 2 of them and a crap load of synth software lol. I also like Metal. ALOT. I love being eclectic like that.

EVERYONE'S musical choices are valid. Wether or not I aprove or not. (I HATE POP WITH A HOT BLOODY PASSION!!!) Anyway guys let's keep it clean alright? This is a team based op here so lets be unified.

2003/01/14 11:43:15 PST by Kane Jordison [0/0]

Just to remind you all, Elements Part 1 comes out in 13 days, YAY! (Stratovarius) Muhuah.

2003/01/15 01:50:42 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
[Davy boy2000b's avatar]

I didn't trash it out COMPLETELY. I don't strict myself to rap and I haven't JUST heard Linkin Park. Don't be so assumptive. I've listened to all sorts of music from indian Bunghra to bloody country n western!!

I jus don't like metal because most of it isn't even -MUSIC-!

This arguement could go on forever, so If anybody wants to continue this...I'll be on AIM my usual times. I'd ratehr not have your anger flood this place up. Especially your special little topic here...

2003/01/15 11:30:15 PST by XenoMP [0/20]


>I jus don't like metal because most of it isn't even -MUSIC-!

Oh great. I thought you haven't heard metal pretty much at all. Well, now I know you've heard every piece of metal music from the every possible genre because you're stating your oppinion so self-confidently.


Sorry, but I really don't want to start any flame wars. There are just few peoples, in real life and via internet, who can pump up my blood pressure and davy is being one of them.

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