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Out of the Vein - May 13th
2003/04/18 12:12:10 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
Edited at 2003/04/18 12:13:54 PDT
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New album by Third Eye Blind (3eb). This is my favorite band, folks, and for good reasons. I would recommend you at least borrow this album from a library or listen to it from a friend if you don't buy it when it's out. Blinded is their current new single, and it's amazing, people. Please support my favorite band if you're willing. Check out http://www.3eb.com, http://www.stephanjenkins.com and http://www.3eb.co.uk for more info in case you're interested.

BTW, for those in the dark of who exactly Third Eye Blind is, they did Semi-Charmed life ("do do do, do do do dooo"...yea...) and Jumper ("I wish you would step back from that ledge my friend") and tons others. For those with downloading programs, I suggest you d/l Motorcycle Driveby, it's my favorite song in the world.

Alright, sorry if this seems like advertising or spam, it's not. It's support for MY fav band. Remember, this is general discussion, you guys can do this stuff too if you want.

Also, where is everybody? Fewer than 10 posts have been made in a week and a half! What's going on? Is everyone just busy? Don't tell me there's nothing to talk about, I've brought up PLENTY to discuss in the story section. Check it out if you missed it/forgot/the recent activity page went whack on you ;)

2003/04/18 20:59:30 PDT by Siemova [0/24]
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Well, I know finals are coming up... That'll probably keep people rather busy for the next couple of weeks. Who knows what else people are up to?

As for me, I'm keeping myself occupied with a pet programming project (how's that for alliteration? :P), but I've also been playing around with the FoI novella a bit.

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