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Dev: A Requiem
2003/06/12 12:15:04 PDT by AngelOfDeath [0/0]

Dev, We Hardly Knew Ye

Dev was found dead today, flopped comically over his keyboard due to a rare condition called "summer job syndrome". This disease combines overwork, fatigue, and something else (that extra magical deadliness) until a person can do nothing but sleep, thereby disregarding all other necessities. Especially treasured projects. Unfortunatly, food as well.

On further inspection of the illustrious corpse and the workspace surrounding him, he appeared to have been about to post a comment on FoI. The reply to the question (which will remain anonymous) was this sage-like wisdom: 'I think that aleksdek,sjkh;grr' We must take these last words to heart from out fearless leader and keep the spirit of them just as he would wish us to.

Rather than mourn his passing, I vote we rebuild ourselves as a stronger and more vigorous project, and hence overcome this striking loss. His glasses will be sent immediately to temp, who, upon recieving them will be infused with the spirit of Dev. This shall create for us a new leader: Tev. So you see, Dev will never truly leave us. ::sinks down sobbing::

I'll open up the floor for any comments or memories you all would like to share about... poor Dev.

2003/06/12 14:52:10 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

AAAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! That's the greatest thing I've ever heard in this project!

But really...where the crap are you Dev? You log in almost everyday and never post? I sent you an email a LOOOONG time ago (to the one in your profile), and you've left me hanging! I don't think he's dead...just zombified!

K, that'll work.

2003/06/12 15:02:07 PDT by slipt5 [0/0]

dev i don't know u but maybe u should come back everyone seems to be wanting u too. but if u can't well thats ok i guess. but maybe u should say sumthin.

2003/06/13 15:10:13 PDT by Music Man089 [0/0]

Maybe you want him to, but we all want you to use English correctly. Sorry, it seemed funny at the time.

Seriously Dev, we miss you. Come to our arms!

2003/06/13 15:16:44 PDT by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

Poor Dev... he was like a father to me *sniff*

We'll never hear the click-click of his keyboard late into the night, never again see the huge, paper black mage upon the wall...

*blows nose*

Why did you do this to us Dev!? WHY!? *goes into hysterical tears which prevent typing coherantly*



2003/06/14 05:33:23 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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I had a dream last night that Dev left little notes for us, taped all over the branches of a tree, by a library, in a ghetto somewhere in south Minneapolis. The notes were all angry, complaining about how we were bitching about him not having time for us, or something.

And then, when I woke up, I had an IM from him! It simply said ":P", but it means he is still alive!

2003/06/14 12:26:02 PDT by Music Man089 [0/0]

*bursts into tears of joy* IT'S A MIRACLE!

2003/06/14 22:04:10 PDT by Dev [manager]
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2003/06/15 00:09:51 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Hey Dev, how about answering that email I sent you forever ago? ;)

2003/06/15 17:55:37 PDT by Dev [manager]
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I'll go look for it, Mystik, probably just got shunted back with all my other overflowed emails.

Anyway, guys, it's very good to be back. Work has been hell, but I'm pretty ready to dig back in, and dig deep.

2003/06/16 14:23:45 PDT by AngelOfDeath [0/0]

You were SUPPOSED to say "I'm not dead yet."

Geez. And I set it all up for you so prettily.

2003/06/21 10:45:55 PDT by Alex [0/0]


Good project managers don't die. They delegate so much that the project takes on a live of its own, then move on, catch up with their personal lives, and secretly start new projects.

2003/06/21 21:48:44 PDT by AngelOfDeath [0/0]

You mean to say....

Dev may be CHEATING on us?!


2003/06/22 10:03:58 PDT by Fang Xianfu [0/3]

*shocked silence*

2003/06/22 11:16:17 PDT by Dev [manager]
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Now listen. That thing with OC Remix was a long time ago and I'm sure we've all forgotten about it. I may have submitted, but I did not inhale!

... or ... something like that.

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