Fate of Io
Great job!
2002/11/01 04:59:35 PST by Alex [0/0]
Edited at 2002/11/02 16:52:56 PST

Good job, Dev. The new charter and the terms of service are exactly what was needed, IMHO.

"There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. The war we fight is not against powers and principalities, it is against chaos and despair. Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope, the death of dreams. Against this peril we can never surrender. The future is all around us, waiting, in moments of transition, to be born in moments of revelation. No one knows the shape of that future or where it will take us. We know only that it is always born in pain." -- G'Quon, Babylon 5.

2002/11/01 11:15:11 PST by Aetrus [0/15]
Edited at 2002/11/01 11:15:25 PST

Yes indeed. That was clear, to the point, and pretty sound grammar wise! [:-)] (<=those inplemented yet?) Very nice. I agree with Alex. It is just what we needed. Good stuff.

And Alex: That quote RULES. I'm going to copy that and post it on my wall or something.

2002/11/01 15:53:30 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
[mystik3eb's avatar]

This is the new site? Dude, I'm totally stoked!

2002/11/01 15:56:20 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]
Edited at 2002/11/01 15:57:42 PST

Yeah, this is the place where you talk about the charter.
BTW, I think smilies and tags aren't implemented yet.

The only problem I see is that there are way too any forums. Well, that can be solved by viewing active topics in all forums. Is that possible?

Also a last post by... would be good.

2002/11/01 16:16:55 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Click the "show recent activity" link. :P

2002/11/01 19:05:35 PST by Bahamut ONE [0/4]
Edited at 2002/11/01 19:19:42 PST

Yeah, I hadn't seen that button. That page lacks style. Like little icons like you posted somewhere.... this place is a maze.

2002/11/02 09:20:34 PST by Davy boy2000b [0/13]
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I woud have thought that it would be nice to have different icons for things like:

New user/user profile edits
New post/post edit
New topic/topic edit
New tasks/freshly closed tasks
New sumbissons/submission reply-comment

2002/11/02 15:15:03 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Eeek, this topic is getting way off-topic (this section is supposed to be about the charter). Please post suggestions here:


(Davy: Dev actually made some nice button graphics, and they would be in the page now, except that he saved them as jpeg and didn't keep the originals, and they were too big, so I'm making him do them as gifs instead... will be up soonish.)

2002/11/11 15:57:45 PST by Siemova [0/24]
Edited at 2002/12/03 17:52:33 PST
[Siemova's avatar]

"Eminent" is misspelled in the last paragraph of the Community section. Otherwise, great job. :)

EDIT: Typo still hasn't been fixed? :-p

2003/03/12 18:21:35 PST by DarkCloud [0/0]
Edited at 2003/03/12 18:21:51 PST

Nice site & ur remix of the Dark CLoud song is kool

1 post deleted.
2004/11/15 10:33:06 PST by fatedragon [0/0]

i dont know what do here so many thing here i dont understand im not really sure it free or not

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