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A Wingless Antarean Concept..too muscly?
2005/07/14 13:32:59 PDT by Stix [0/49]
Awards: 7 from Dev
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I wasn't really looking at anything. But now that I think about it, I almost feel like it's a horse-lizard... or a horse-dog thing. I'm not satisfied with it, but if you like it, I mean, really like it, I can color it and finish it. It's not supposed to be any Antarean in particular. I can't concentrate on 'special' features that distinguish individuals until I get the body down.

I *could* go leaner. This one just ended up being muscular. And the necklace collar thing? No idea. Just seemed like it would look cool around his big horsey neck. That tail thing was random. Just a spike monstrosity there.

Please give me details exactly on what you want me to improve/change..otherwise I'm just floating in the darkness.

Added at 2005/07/14 13:36:31 PDT

PS. The face is crap. I kept erasing and trying again and erasing...and I was tempted to just have a headless thing... I forgot the 'mustache' things too but... just pretend the head looks better than it really is..lol...

2005/07/14 18:08:14 PDT by Dev [manager]
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I have to say, I really like the general body shape, especially the torso-to-leg ratio. For details, I think the tail can be slimmed down a bit (especially near the flank), and ... you're right, I have no idea where you're going with that head. But you knew that, heh. I don't think beaks are very personable ... Antareans should probably have articulated hands and mouth-parts.

Also, I think I agree with Morpheus; I wasn't so much a fan of the Chinese dragon-style mustache either. We don't want to recreate Mushu, here ("Mulan" reference). And I wouldn't worry about the wings all that much ... remember, Dell should look not too silly without them ... and anyway, everything looks cooler with them.

2005/07/14 18:15:30 PDT by Stix [0/49]
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That's why I'm drawing them without 'em first... because for some reason I can't draw wings worth my weight in salt. It sucked, so I just erased them. And cropped the picture... Hmm...

I'll keep working on it.

2005/07/19 15:09:21 PDT by Aetrus [0/15]

Nice drawing! I like the body shape as well and agree with Dev on the tail. Does Dell walk on two legs or four? I think he'd look funny walking on four. He'd be a dragon like Red XIII.

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