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2002/12/07 17:25:29 PST by Dev [manager]
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A rearrangement of that ol' worldmap music of mine. Features what I consider to be the main theme of the game, or Syne's Theme.

Starts out somewhat brooding, then works into the familiar guitar pattern and all that good stuff. Lemme know what you guys think.

2002/12/10 03:08:21 PST by XenoMP [0/20]

Wow. I loved the previous version, but I love this even more. You have improved sampling _much_ compared to your earlier mp3's. That's a good thing. This is really exceptional job. I bet many people will be blown away by it. =)

2002/12/10 03:50:28 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Now that the server is back up, I can post my little request:

Although I do love this piece, there is only one thing that bothers me, and it only bothers me a little bit... but the foreground guitar (not the background one) doesn't sound quite right. I have a theory, though, that a piano might sound really nice playing the same part... but maybe I'm an idiot, and it would actually sound like crap, but that's my theory... what do you think, Dev?

2002/12/10 10:24:56 PST by Black Squall [0/5]

*speechless* No really, that was very good. I didn't have any problems with the forground guitar myself, except I am curious to hear what it would sound like with a piano in that part.

2002/12/10 16:51:30 PST by 3Der [0/7]

Wow,brilliant work! This the best so far..I like it alot.

2002/12/10 20:21:59 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

I can only recommend maybe strumming a broken chord for the lead guitar or piano. Temp's suggestion would work well. Add some reverb to the guitars. More for the echo guitar than the lead. BEAUTIFUL flute. Nice string work. Melody and harmony are awesome. Totally high end.

::swears he hears a minor => inverted major switch:: That's my trade mark. I love when other people do that. It rules. ( could be wishing it there. Sounds great either way.

Maybe some vibrato (or more) on the lead guitar if you keep it as a guitar. Try using a two harps! I'd like to at least hear what that would sound like.

I love the more cinematic opening, and execution over all. Very well done, and I think this absolutely beautiful. The strings sound a little blurry and muddy, but that's the sound font no doubt or the encoding. (not likely since its a VBR around 167) That and the guitar sounds a little too percussive and less resonant than it should. The only gripes in sound dept. The flute is mixed well and I like the Celtic flare it has. The strings do flow well for a midi. Very well in fact. though I detect the filter reset. tech term for starting the filter at 0 attack instead of continuing from current attack level. (if that's too technical then IM me or e-mail me for a lesson on Attack Decay Sustain Release [ADSR] filters Any one who wants to know. I'll provide examples)

RIGHT so yeah. this get's the stamp of approval from me so far. Especially if you give the lead guitar or harp plenty of vibrato.

DAMN good peice my friend.

2002/12/10 23:03:49 PST by Dev [manager]
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Thanks for all the feedback everyone. Usually I don't spend too much time tweaking a piece because I'm off doing something else, but I may revisit this one and release a new version if I get the chance.

Quote from Aetrus:

::swears he hears a minor => inverted major switch:: That's my trade mark. I love when other people do that. It rules.

Er... I used lots of both minor and major chords, in many different inversions, and a few crazy sevenths that I didn't even identify. Though maybe you're referring to the part after the second iteration of the main theme where the strings introduce their section by going from I to vi?

Anyway, I'll try a few different instruments in that particular lead spot, and I think you're right Aetrus; it could use some vibrato/modulation if I stick with a string instrument.

2002/12/11 00:42:02 PST by Aetrus [0/15]

I know you used alot of those Dev. There was just one that really hit me. You know. Like a realization suddenly it's major instead of minor. It's hard to explain without sounding all weirdo like. :p

2002/12/13 17:59:54 PST by nixxin [0/33]

you never fail to impress me....awesome awesome awesome! the music is SO nice...these kind of tracks are what i listen to for fun....great great job! and you HAVE to tell me where you learned how to compose!

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