Fate of Io
Howling Forest
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2003/06/22 07:51:39 PDT by XenoMP [0/20]
Awards: 5 from Dev

A creepy forest music.

2005/06/07 16:34:31 PDT by Stix [0/49]
[Stix's avatar]

Oooh... This sounds nice! how come Dev hasn't spoken to you about it?? Maybe because it was an automatic keeper.

I actually think this goes pretty well. The progression is pretty nice, and it can work into itself again and again as a loop. Especially the beginning... however, toward the middle it starts to get a little out of hand? It still sounds nice, I think.. but wouldn't it be better to keep that creepiness going without the key change?

Just asking. I am no expert....

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