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Roll call!
2003/12/08 11:41:54 PST by Reepime [0/0]

Well, I have just signed on the the group. I haven't exactly looked at what is needed at the moment, but I am willing to look at anything. I am currently Studying Visual Basics in College and have had plans of writing my own RPG. I would rather this first so that I might have an idea on how to do so. Reepime

2003/12/13 03:27:59 PST by Bennettt2 [0/27]

Just registered. I'm on holidays at the moment and am willing to spare what time I have towards music and art. I love imagining the potential of this game and its story and I intend to stick with it until it is finally made.

2003/12/17 13:59:13 PST by slipt5 [0/0]

as do i bennettt

2003/12/27 01:04:38 PST by saichan [0/0]

I'm new here. n.n; Hey everyone! :D I'm busy from the 29th to 31st (going to Retreat. huzzah..). But until then I'm free and the week I come back I'm free. Then school..murderous..school.. -_-...

2004/01/28 04:38:14 PST by LegendaryFrog [0/0]

I'm brand new. Not sure what I can contribute, but I will help in any way possible. :)

2004/02/18 07:51:32 PST by Aiashi [0/0]

Im new here. I work a 4pm-11pm job, so I'll be around most of the day. My days off are all messed up, so who knows when I don't work. But anywayz, Im online usually from 10 am -3 pm and 11 pm - ??. Okay, I know that's confusing! Okay, I hope to talk to ya'll later.

2004/03/08 02:22:16 PST by Zan [0/0]

I'm mostly busy, but I check this site out once in a while. Plus I'm trying to catch up on reading the whole script of the game.

2004/04/12 13:25:02 PDT by neoKupo [0/0]

I've been inactive for a long time, though I may continue in the future if I have the time to catch up.

2004/04/12 18:02:22 PDT by Makeshift [0/0]

I just got here... Hi people

2004/04/13 11:07:24 PDT by CheF [0/1]

I'm here, natch, but I'm not sure who else is. What's going on? Is Dev back again yet?

2004/04/13 12:43:44 PDT by Dev [manager]
[Dev's avatar]

Dude, Chef... I've been here. Though I will admit I've been creatively preoccupied with another project for a while...

Ah, hell. Out with it. A while ago, Brain Clevinger put out an all-nerds alert about a game project he wanted to do. To make a long story very short, I eventually found my position as musician for the project (go figure); no, I didn't "abandon" FoI, but this was an actual pseudo-corporate venture on Brian's part, so I wanted to focus my creative efforts there. Not sure how many months I worked on it, but in the end, we ended up with a bit of code, a few models, and half an hour of music. And then the project flopped ... and I didn't have much riding on it, though the time I spent did keep me from spending more effort, say, keeping this project from going as dormant as it has.

So, if you want to say that I'm "back" now, I suppose that's fair. I'm more back than I was any other time this year. It's also good to see that these forums can go into a deep cryostasis (a la Clarke's 2001) and still thaw out all right.

So, I guess the question now is ....

... who wants to pick this sucker up and do some work? ;D

2004/04/19 03:59:04 PDT by CheF [0/1]

I think this project will never die Dev - of course you can count me in. Perhaps it would be good to have more of a 'live' roll call - an email out perhaps to all registered members?

This project was so strong, I remember feeling amazingly excited about it. Then, for some reason, I lost it. I think some other people did too. But it's good, and it will work! The Fate Of Io will reach its destination eventually.

I'm here Dev, and I'm sure many other people are too...

2004/04/20 12:47:11 PDT by Seraph [0/1]

Im busy to heck. I have a few five-minute sketches for a concept of Rush but my scanner is having a multiple personality disorder so who knows when I'll be able to get those in. Well, thats about it.

2004/04/28 13:28:59 PDT by jewelss160 [0/0]

I don't mind helping...but I'm not sure how! I'm not musically or artistically talented, but hey, give me a job and I'll give it my best...

2004/04/29 10:34:20 PDT by Dev [manager]
[Dev's avatar]

I'll tell you guys what... (what?)

As soon as I stop going crazy over the last few weeks of classes (finals week is one of them), I'll gallavant over to Part II and begin reworking Chapter 8 (Ko is the younger brother, right?). And I expect some input from all y'all who're readin' this.

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