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New Profiles Blocked for Spam
Posted by Temporal at 2010/07/07 17:06:40 PDT
Edited at 2010/07/07 17:08:47 PDT
spam, stupid

Some silly person went to all the trouble to register a few hundred new accounts and give them all user profile pages full of spam. Because I don't have time to deal with this BS, I have simply disabled user profile pages for all user IDs above 500. That should keep most of the original users' profiles visible while blocking most of the spam. New users will not be able to create profile pages/bios/etc. Of course, there hasn't been a genuine new user in years so I doubt anyone cares.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

2010/07/08 17:03:48 PDT by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Nice to hear from you, Temp! How's the Goog?

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2010/07/12 02:45:45 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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Welcome to the new server!

I was forced to move because my hosted server was no longer letting me log in via SSH, and the support people were too dumb to fix it. But, I'd been meaning to move for awhile. I really don't need to be paying $80/month or whatever for a dedicated server -- my DSL can handle the load just fine.

So I went down to Fry's and, for under $300, put together a little Intel Atom box running FreeBSD. The power supply on this thing maxes out at 65W. It's probably actually using more like 30W. So the server now uses about as much power as a compact florescent light bulb. How cool is that?

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2010/07/12 20:25:36 PDT by Temporal [manager]
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It seems that now that all new profiles redirect here, people are trying to spam *this* page. O.o

2010/08/11 17:12:39 PDT by kit0007 [0/0]


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