Fate of Io
Part II
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The currently available version of Part II is its original, unrevised form. It has been made public to facilitate group revision.

Chapter Eight: Three Days
On the first day, we meet Ko and Kory, two brothers who live in the ruins of Tarikun Castle. They meet a young Protean princess named Brooke who has gotten lost. On the second day, the dragon lord of Tarikun finds that Ko and Brooke have broken his rules, and he punishes the boy by killing his brother. On the third day, Brooke is about to leave the city, when a horde of Antareans appears and besieges the ruins. They overwhelm the dragon, but Brooke and Ko make it out just in time.

Chapter Nine: Power Trip
We learn that Brooke is on her way to gain her eumonetic powers, and she divulges some Protean-Antarean history as well. They arrive at the Labyrinth Grove where Brooke must prove herself worthy of the Proteans' shapeshifting powers. She is eventually successful, while Ko in the meantime sulks.

Chapter Ten: The Path to Protea
The two approach the city of Daccha Vira, where Brooke is assaulted by a band of rogues. She morphs Ko into a skunk so he might escape, but is herself abducted. A nomadic warrior, Rush, arrives too late to save her, but soon enough to witness Ko's stinky fate. He helps the boy rescue Brooke from the clutches of the Gygan druglord who has kidnapped her. Brooke is saved from her captors, changes Ko back into a human, and the party of three travels for the Protean underrealm.

Chapter Eleven: From Within
The nobility of Protea celebrates Brooke's successful return and her birthday. Ko is befriended by the Keeper of Gates, Tyrus. Meanwhile, Brooke is given a mission to investigate ore that has gone missing from the kingdom's largest stash of eumonite. As Ko and Rush are about to leave her to her duties, the main Protean chamber is invaded by a force of Antareans that somehow got past the thick Protean gates. They return to Brooke to inform her, but they get swept up in the evacuation of the city, and end up stuck with her yet again. Tyrus also survives and joins them after surviving the attack.

Chapter Twelve: Into Darkness
The party arrives at the chamber of eumonite to find it essentially empty; someone has stolen the largest stash of eumonetic ore in the world. They find a nearby conveyor belt that recedes into an enormous metallic monstrosity, parked on the sea floor outside the chamber. They defeat an odd beast that protects this entrance, and venture inside to investigate.

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