Fate of Io
Part I
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Chapter One: The Outset
Syne and Cade discover a bomb meant to destroy their construction site after scuffling with a group of terrorists. Syne is sent on an errand to inform Pylos Headquarters of the incident. On the way, he encounters a dragon and is rescued by Delloran. The two make their way to Trosene after a battle with a Gygan hitman, then across the lake to Titan City.

Chapter Two: Trouble in Titan City
Syne and Dell evade police forces and find a way into the beseiged Pylos Headquarters. Inside, they find a mysterious Drythian terrorist, and run after her in time to escape the building before it explodes. The two head to the Pylos Alpha mining station to evacuate the workers there, and they are caught along with the terrorist leader. Unable to explain adequately, Syne and Delloran get locked up with the Drythian who introduces herself as Enna. She agrees to break them out and they flee on boat to Trosene.

Chapter Three: Changing Minds
Enna is able to convince Syne and Delloran to aid her cause, conceding that her methods could stand some improvement. The group heads off to destroy Pylos Delta, first evacuating the construction army. Syne meets up with his friend and coworker Cade, who is initially hesitant to join them. The four are approached by Dantalian and Hyde, who present a eumonetic monster for them to fight off.

Chapter Four: History
The party travels to Cade's hometown, now known as Beniport. He learns of his family history and of the man who usurped their rule. The party assists him in the confrontation, and they eventually win back the town, reestablish the name Port Korra, and gain access to the Eastern Wake.

Chapter Five: Hated By All
Syne, Enna, and Delloran head north to destroy the Pylos Beta mining station near the military city of Serribis. The bombing doesn't play out exactly as planned, and a new mysterious figure has to rescue the party from their own explosion. Her name is Rheya, a eumoneticist, who offers to assist the party in their endeavors (indeed, she secretly already has). She gives Syne a grenade as a token of goodwill. Enna leads the group to the refuge of her birthplace: the Drythian city of Avemy. She recounts some of her past experiences there.

Chapter Six: Back to Port Korra
Untrusting of Rheya and skeptical of Cade's military leadership, Enna abandons the party to take care of things on her own. Syne leads the rest of them to Port Korra to rally backup forces. They muster a small army to confront the guards at the base of the mountains, where Pylos Gamma sits. Once past the army, the party finds an Antarean inside Pylos Gamma: his name is Kydran, and he is the hand behind Pylos' actions. He's holding Enna hostage, reveals that Rheya is a Pylos spy, and explains that their bombings have allowed him to control most major cities on the continent through fear of the terrorist plot. He takes Rheya and leaves, leaving the party to fight Hyde and Dantalian before the mining station explodes.

Chapter Seven: The Decisive Confrontation
After dealing with Hyde and Dantalian, the party chases after Kydran and Rheya, who are flying away on a Pylos vehicle. Delloran manages to perform a powerful technique to crash the flyer into the mountainside. A ways up the mountain, they find Kydran attempting to escape. He morphs into a large dragon and they fight. Syne sacrifices himself by using the grenade Rheya gave him to kill himself and Kydran together.

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