Fate of Io
Part III
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Chapter Thirteen: The Top of the World
Enna, Cade and Delloran find a disabled Rheya headed up the mountain. They carry her the rest of the way to Camp Nimbus, where they stay to rest for a few weeks. Dantalian and Hyde appear to offer Enna and her crew a ride off the mountain. She eventually agrees.

Chapter Fourteen: Of Dunes and Despair
The party awakens in Pylos' desert eumonetics laboratories, where they meet Miriel. She teaches Delloran more about eumonetics. while Enna and Cade explore the grounds and pontificate about their role versus Pylos.

Chapter Fifteen: The Renegade Epsilon
The cargo vessel Epsilon is seen breaking course, away from the laboratories. Enna refuses to help Dantalian in the matter, so she and her friends are locked into a cell as the eumoneticists scramble after their shipment. Delloran is able to break them out, and upon further exploration, they find a Eumotech teleportation device that sends them to Serribis, the scene of sudden action. Disguised as eumoneticists, Cade, Enna and Dell are swept aboard a flyer to intercept Epsilon. Once inside, they are stopped by Brooke and Rush who are guarding Tyrus. Without warning, Tyrus begins casting high-level techniques to get rid of everyone, including his former "friends." Dell and Ko are left on board Epsilon with Tyrus, while Brooke and Cade make it to the Pylos flyer in time to escape. Enna and Rush are less fortunate and are swept into the sea.

Chapter Sixteen: Resurrection
The healed Rheya awakens the newly-resurrected Syne at the labs, and the two hurry off to Serribis to help retake Epsilon. They meet up with Cade and Brooke, then take the Eastern Wake to search for Rush and Enna. When it's clear that the search is futile, they escape from Epsilon's fire and head to Titan City to discuss plans to stop Tyrus. Once there, they find the resurrected Kydran already arranging a naval strike against his old enemy, and he asks the party to help. They acquiesce.

Chapter Seventeen: Reclaimed Innocence
Rush and Enna are rescued by a fishing boat and brought to the remote town of Io. They become quick friends, and start looking for transportation options back from the peaceful town. After a tranquil stay, they procure a rusty old boat and head back out to sea.

Chapter Eighteen: Settling the Score
The Eastern Wake leads a Eumotech fleet north to intercept Epsilon. Rush and Enna's boat gets beached upon the hull of Epsilon as it rises from beneath the water, and the battle ensues. Rush and Enna find a way inside the large steel beast, unbeknownst to Syne, Rheya and Brooke, who follow them only moments later. The latter party finds Tyrus with Enna in a stasis hold and Rush already wounded. Using an ultimate-level technique, Tyrus completely decimates all life in the nearby village of Io. Tyrus and the brainwashed Ko fight Syne, Rheya, Brooke and Rush, and our heroes lose. Ko is instructed to kill them, but can't bring himself to cause more death, and instead turns his weapon against Tyrus, killing him. Rush is able to revive Enna, and she is reunited with Syne.

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