Fate of Io
21. Sincerity
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  • The Eastern Wake departs from the Pylos Labs harbor and heads south through Serribis towards Trosene.

  • Enna hangs around Cade, who is piloting the ship (refer to section "a" below). Rheya is interested in what's going on with Ko (refer to section "b" below).

    • Cade is angry at Enna. He doesn't like acting as a taxi service just because someone's getting homesick. Enna suspects this is an overreaction, and not really what Cade's angry about (she's been getting good at judging Cade's reactions). After talking a bit, Cade expresses his confusion and frustration with their "quest;" he can't figure out who the bad guy is supposed to be now. Enna is sharp with him, and says that there is no "quest" any more; she wants to get back to her life.

    • Rheya comes up to Ko, curious as to why the boy is always so silent. He slowly communicates his fear that if he said anything, it might be the wrong thing, and that he might hurt someone even more. Rheya tries to talk away his guilt, and Ko feels a little better, wondering if it's okay for him to be glad that someone is dead (namely, Tyrus). Rheya points out that there are times when the status quo misleads you into thinking you are acting rightly in your situation, and it isn't your fault when you find out too late. This just about happened to her in Pylos, so she and Ko are in the same boat (not just the Eastern Wake). She lets Ko see her eyes.

  • When Cade lets them off at the Trosene docks, Enna goes off alone to reopen her inn to the public. She agrees to keep a room for the three, should they need a place to stay while in Trosene.

  • Cade grudgingly heads with Rheya and Ko into the town. Ko is amazed; he's never seen so many people in such a well-built town. Rheya comments this isn't normally how Trosene looks; everyone is decorating for the Firebridge Festival, which happens only once every six years. She explains that the Festival had lost its spirit over a long time, and that for the last few Festivals, many people of the town didn't even leave their homes for it. This year, however, virtually everyone is enthusiastically celebrating the Festival as a symbol of their defiance of economic and technological oppression.

    • To Cade's surprise, Rheya fully intends to participate. Ko thinks it sounds like fun. (Ko? Fun? Same sentence? Yes, this is a change, indeed.) He finds a roster for a ceremonial melee tournament, and convinces Cade to sign up.

  • Rheya returns to the inn to ask Enna if she wants to participate in the Firebridge Festival. Enna scoffs and makes some excuse about needing to work on her inn. Rheya would consider it a favor, but Enna quickly and coldly reminds her that she saved the techno-mage's life; she doesn't owe anyone anything.

    • Rheya doesn't back off so easily. Using her own medicine against her, Rheya speculates that Enna has misplaced her anger just as Cade has, and she asks how Enna really feels about being apart from Syne.

    • Enna almost leaves the room right there at "such a silly insinuation." At first, she denies anything significant between her and Syne. There might have been once, she admits, but he turned on her when he supported Kydran. Rheya is ever-persistent, and continues to back Enna's reasoning into a corner. Enna finally breaks down, admitting to her confusion and frustration, but she never admits to Rheya's accusations about her and Syne. She then gives Rheya a friendly shove; "you're as nosy as my sister was."

    • Ko comes in, telling everyone that the Festival is scheduled to start in the morning and last through tomorrow night. Rheya asks Enna again, reminding her that they aren't asking her to go on another adventure. Enna laughs and agrees to make an appearance.

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