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half-finished Enna
2003/03/10 15:06:36 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Well, my point basically was...she HAS no bust *-_- i'm not saying she needs to be Tifa, just...she should have SOMETHING!

I don't have a problem with the armlet.

2003/03/10 15:07:08 PST by Siemova [0/24]
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Just a note: As an archer, she'll need an arm-guard to protect the inside of her bow arm forearm. :)

2003/03/10 15:14:40 PST by astravaii [0/21]

Siemova: i'm already adding one. that goes on the arm she holds the bow with... and i haven't finished that yet.

mystik3eb: she does. i think you're just a little used to the exaggerated pop-culture standard. i'm not talking about Tifa. Aerith is actually well above average, too. certain articles of clothing can affect how large or small the bust line appears, too.

like i said. i think it's fine.

2003/03/10 15:19:45 PST by Aetrus [0/15]
Edited at 2003/03/10 22:48:25 PST

As to her "bust". The angle of the pick hides what is there. Make no mistake Mystik she's a normal well developed female. A side view would show that. :p

EDIT: Mystik: Chalk that up to a difference between races. Personally I know a girl who is less endowed and several years older then this one girl in high school who had...large tracts of land...(cough) Its all in the genes.

Speaking of differences in race... Enna is suposed to be rather tall, but that pick shows a proportional height of 5'6" at the tallest I think. I always thought with Drythians that the chicks would be rather short, by comparision to the males who I would think would average 6' or so.

2003/03/10 19:01:22 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Oh well, just using comparison of Brooke to Enna. Brooke is several years younger, it'd be kinda weird...ah never mind, forget I brought it up. I just didn't think Enna would end up like Sandra Bullock.

2003/03/10 19:38:36 PST by Siemova [0/24]
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That's great, Ast. I was just making sure it didn't get overlooked. :) Kudos on the pic, by the way; and here's wishing you a belated "welcome aboard". ^_^

2003/03/16 22:08:19 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Anyways (wow, first time since v.4 went up that nothing's happened since I last signed in), to start up any convo, how's the pic coming?

2003/03/17 18:43:09 PST by astravaii [0/21]

well... honestly, i haven't felt like working on it. ^^; i'm almost finished. almost. but the closer i get to finishing an image the longer it takes to make any progress. eh. be patient is all i can say. ^^; sorry.

i just have the left hand the bow and the hair to do. ...i hate drawing hands. grr...

2003/03/27 21:46:57 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
Edited at 2003/04/04 10:41:28 PST
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Looks sweet. Too bad the shoulder pad couldn't at least have been toned down a little. I still love this pic to pieces =)

EDIT: Hey man, hurry up an finish the pic so I can put a Finalize section up for it =)

2003/04/04 13:53:22 PST by Temporal [manager]
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Now now, Mystik... this isn't your department. :P

But, I agree. I think this is ready for finalization now, in fact, unless Astravaii thinks otherwise.

2003/04/05 09:22:30 PST by astravaii [0/21]
Edited at 2003/04/05 10:09:14 PST

well... i'm not quite happy with it... but i'm rather picky.
it's just so damn messy! the basic framework of the image is a year old... it's insane how much i've improved since then. i could probably do better if i were to just re-draw it. (especially since changing the hair and stuff made it look a little piecemeal)
re-drawing it might take me a while though, depending on how cooperative my hand is. =P
there isn't much else i can do with it, honestly. i thought i should get rid of the decoration (clutter) on the quiver and maybe make the arm guard fasten with a silver buckle, for the issue of balance. (yeah, i'll do that.)

it seems a little bit pointless to rush this, but if you don't care about the messiness i won't argue. ^^;
i was waiting for some kind of outside opinion on what i should do.


edit: buckle image to compare with the other

2003/04/05 19:52:33 PST by Temporal [manager]
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These little details really aren't that important. Most of them won't show up much in the game. If we finalize this, it doesn't mean that you can't make little modifications later. Personally, I don't see anything that could be done better.

2003/04/05 21:26:47 PST by mystik3eb [0/43]
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Hmm, I was under the impression I'd put a pic up for finalization as a task in the character node in the story section...teach me to assume.

Astravaii, this pic is perfect. I see little (if any) problem with it.

2003/04/07 02:07:05 PDT by zorbathut [0/4]

I'm impressed, and I don't say that often - I'm horrifically picky. I've seen far worse work coming out of professionals ;) Get your website up, I want to see other stuff you've done!

(note: I'm entirely unattached to this project, so me-being-impressed is rather meaningless in the grand scheme of things. Still, I thought you might like to see another voice in the chorus :P)

2003/06/06 11:27:03 PDT by Black Squall [0/5]
Edited at 2003/06/06 11:28:44 PDT

Just to get the ball rolling back on this. Wow. That's some incredible work. About the whole bust issue, I have no problem with it myself but it is rather sad that game character's like Luara Croft and Tifa Lockheart have "shaped" the female game characters as much as they have. I don't think that we need any character's in our game that resemble this trend. But it's also nice to give credit where credit is due and not ignore the female body completely making it look shab and bland compared to what it is. I think we are doing just fine with our character's the way they are, except we need more concept's of them.


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