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Terms of Service
Last updated at 2002/10/31 19:06:19 PST by Temporal

The Terms:

By submitting text, files, or any other type of information to fateofio.org, you give fateofio.org unlimited permission to display, use, modify, and distribute that information.

Why is this necessary?

We do not wish to exploit your work. Fate of Io is a non-profit project, and no staff member or contributor will ever make money off of your work. However, we have to protect ourselves against contributors who might try to exploit us.

Say, for example, that someone were to contribute a concept drawing for one of Fate of Io's main characters. Say, then, that we decided to use this concept drawing as our official design for that character. Countless hours would be spent creating models, animations, textures, and more based on that simple sketch. Say, then, that the original author for some reason got upset with Fate of Io, and decided that he wanted to damage the project. If we had not demanded legal right to do whatever we wanted with his work, he could then demand that we cease all use of his sketch. Every bit of work that had been done based on the sketch would then have to be thrown out.

We would like to think that no contributor would be so childish as to do something like that. However, that belief has already been proven wrong on at least one occasion. Thus, the terms of service were born.

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