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Age: Unknown
Race: Dragon
Occupation: Ex-Protector
Height: 316' (head to tail)
Hair: None
Eye: Dark red
Weapon type: Claws, breath

Aequus is an enormous, imposing dragon with a wingspan nearly large enough to encompass a football field. His scales are mostly jet black, ruddy in some places, and his bulging musculature contributes to the monstrous appearance of his body. He is not beyond breathing fire, but only tends to use it as a weapon of last resort. In fact, the dragon's sheer power belies a much more benign inner character...

When Kydran fled from his homeland, having stolen the hatchling Delloran from Tyrus, he rode on the back of Aequus. The dragon sympathized with Kydran, having been unable to stop the bloodshed at Tarikun as a Protector, and thus accorded him a ride to the young Titan Continent. When they arrived, Kydran left Delloran in Aequus' care, and the dragon has been watching the young Dell from afar ever since.

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