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Age: Unknown
Race: Antarean
Occupation: Former military general
Height: 4'7" (head to tail)
Hair: Black
Eye: Green
Weapon type: Tail edge/Claws

Kydran left his home in Antares fifteen years prior to the game, after the Battle of Tarikun. He was a general of the Antarean Army, and was the one that gave the order which decimated both armies and Tarikun Castle. He left Antares voluntarily, partly because he didn't want to be around the people that now hated him, and partly because he probably would have been outcast anyway.

He left Antares, taking a young Antarean that he rescued from a Protean outpost, and went to the Titan Continent with Aequus, a dragon also seeking to escape the war. He made hundreds of plans to repent for his wrongdoings, each more ambitious than the last. He almost despaired, until he arrived on the Titan Continent and found Pylos.

Leaving Dell, the young Antarean, in the care of Aequus, Kydran went to present his offer to the leaders of Pylos; they would allow him to mine for eumonite on the continent, and in return he would allow them to sell innovative products using the ore.

Since he made the offer, Kydran has practically taken over the company, directing it from the shadows. Pylos flourished selling the Eumotech products (of course, no one knows they are buying devices powered by eumonetics). Kydran seeks out ore of enough quality and quantity that he might perform Resurrection, the most powerful healing technique, and pay back the people for his mistakes.

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