Fate of Io
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Age: 51
Race: Protean
Occupation: Keeper of the Gates of Protea
Height: 6'4"
Hair: Brown
Eye: Grey
Weapon type: [Unknown]

As the keeper of all the Gates of Protea, Tyrus takes great pride in his work. Unfortunately (for our heroes), his work is driven with evil intentions.

Outwardly, this hardly ever shows. On the surface, Tyrus is very friendly and calm, always carefully maintaining his countenance. He has long been a trusted advisor of the Protean Council, and has even been very helpful since the great losses taken at the Battle of Tarikun. He also has acted in the past as Brooke's mentor and, occasionally, her aide.

Inwardly, Tyrus knows how much power he really has and fully intends to use it for his own gain. He has refined deception into an art, and he uses coercion like a science. He has only to wait for the moment when everything is set up just right...

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