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Age: 42
Race: Human
Occupation: Benivalle Town Governer
Height: 5'6:
Hair: Grey[ing]
Eye: Brown
Weapon type: None

From the same breed of character as Dantalian, Benivalle likes to relax in wealth that isn't necessarily his. In this case, Benivalle has a luxurious position of power over a very high-class fishing village, and it was his subterfuge that got him there.

Taking advantage of the youthful aspirations to break tradition, Benivalle rallied together the younger and rather uninformed generation of Port Korra (as it was still called then). Cade's father, who was the head of the town at the time, agreed to meet to discuss a non-violent resolution to the impending rebellion. Of course, Benivalle "accidentally" arranged to meet right next to a warehouse full of young followers who proceeded to abduct Cade and his family. The scandal was never made known to the public, and Benivalle explained the disappearance as a sign of Cade's father's disloyal abandonment of the port.

From then on, the town had little choice but to accept rule under the new title of Beniport.

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