Fate of Io
Part IV
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Chapter Nineteen: The Road from Ignorance
Epsilon is returned to its dock at the Pylos Laboratories, where a search for the missing Delloran ensues. He is found crippled and wingless inside Epsilon, and it is revealed that Ko is the one who, under Tyrus' influence, cut his wings. Syne decides to go with Dell, Rush, and Brooke to Kay Pacha. Ko would rather return to Trosene with Rheya, Cade, and Enna.

Chapter Twenty: The Dragon Spreads Its Wings
Syne, Rush, Brooke and Delloran come upon Aequus on their journey back to Port Korra. He enlightens them with his true identity, and finally divulges the details of Dell's past. The large dragon agrees to give them a lift to Kay Pacha.

Chapter Twenty-one: Sincerity
On the way back to Trosene, Rheya gets to know Enna and Ko each a bit better. Ko gets mildly excited for the upcoming Firebridge Festival, while Enna attempts to return to her pre-terrorism livelihood as an innkeeper.

Chapter Twenty-two: The Dust of Tarikun
Aequus arrives with Syne and company at Tarikun, where the Protean survivors have set up camp. The former dragon lord is dying and divulges to Rush a secret held by an old Antarean scholar who was exiled from Kay Pacha. Brooke is ordered to find a means of getting into Epsilon (which holds the Protean eumonite) while her people continue to regroup. Syne, meanwhile, relives the Battle of Tarikun. The party eventually decides to recruit the help of Rheya to track down this ancient scholar.

Chapter Twenty-three: Reunification
Ko, Cade, Rheya and Enna take part in the Firebridge Festival, which is subsequently crashed (almost literally) by Aequus and his crew. The entire group goes off to enjoy the remainder of the evening, leaving Syne and Enna time to work things out between them. The next day, they all head to Io in search of answers.

Chapter Twenty-four: The Deadly Miracle
The group finds Epsilon sinking away from Io, and to their surprise, everyone in the town is alive. They realize that, like Syne and Kydran, all the people in the village have been resurrected by Pylos' enormous store of eumonite. They discover the old laboratory of the ancient scholar, but before they can investigate further, Kydran appears and acknowledges the usefulness of this old Antarean's research. Aequus is upset that Kydran has started playing god, and leads the party to fight him. It is futile, since Kydran has a resurrection device, like everyone in the village. He leaves, and the party meanwhile discovers another ultimate technique hidden beyond the scholar's main lair: the Expel technique to banish the eumonetic properties of ore. Only Epsilon carries enough power to perform the technique, so they hurry off in pursuit.

Chapter Twenty-five: The Battle of Antares
The Proteans mobilize to march towards Antares, which is the unassuming target of Kydran's assault. They move to assist, and eventually the party fights their way into Epsilon for a final confrontation with Kydran. While Syne, Enna, Rush and Cade stall the all-powerful Antarean, Ko assists Rheya, Brooke, and Delloran in getting past the cargo hold's safeguards so they can perform the Expel technique. When they do, the battles end abruptly and all eumonite is rendered useless. Everyone except Syne escapes from Epsilon before it crashes into the sea in a climactic explosion.

Enna reflects on her experience as she watches her son play in the woods.

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