Fate of Io
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Our aim is to make the world of Fate of Io dynamic and believable, if utterly fantastical. The following sections set the stage for the game:

Probably what you thought of when we said "setting." This section has information on all our important geographic locations, for both the large Titan Continent as well as the smaller war-torn island of Kay Pacha.

Science & Technology
Just like our world, this fictional world has its own nature, its own physics, and its own discoveries that have been made throughout history. Cover the finer points of technology and its underlying mechanisms in this section.

Unlike our world, the world of Fate of Io is home to a diverse range of sentient species, each with their own origins, cultures, and roles in current-day society.

While individual characters drive the immediate action in our story, larger organizations have had a bigger hand in shaping the history leading up to the game. They and their roles in the plot are set forth here.

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