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Science and technology in the world of Fate of Io are somewhat different than on Earth. In fact, the laws of physics themselves, though mostly the same, have some significant differences.

In Fate of Io's world, there is no such thing as electronics. It isn't just that the people haven't discovered it yet; electricity simply doesn't exist. Lightning exists, but for entirely different reasons, and it can't be harnessed in the same way. On the other hand, Fate of Io's world has a whole branch of physics which doesn't exist at all on Earth: Eumonetics.

Technology-wise, the humans of the Titan continent have developed steam power and other crude mechanical devices. There is no gun powder, so swords and shields are still used in battle. Additionally, the Pylos corporation has developed the technology to create small- to medium-size devices which operate using eumonetics.

Beyond the Titan continent, technology is primitive, perhaps equivalent to the Roman times on Earth. The Proteans and Antareans of Kay Pacha use other means to achieve their goals, such as direct manipulation of eumonetics.

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