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Age: 17
Race: Human
Occupation: Construction Worker
Height: 5' 7"
Hair: Blonde
Eye: Blue
Weapon type: Armblade(s)

Cade is a member of the Korra family, the family once in charge of affairs for Port Korra. When powerful factions within the town supported a change in leadership, the family was secretly disposed of and their disappearance was never explained. After his parents were killed, the young Cade was sent to work at Pylos Delta.

Cade derives motivation for his actions from honor, which played an important part in his father's way of life. Cade's father held honor above everything else, and taught Cade this code as well. However, because he was so young when he was separated from his family, Cade is confused as to what honor actually is. He believes it to be making himself look better than everyone else, so he strives to win at everything. He cannot accept losing anything, whether it be in an argument, fight, or game. He considers it a breach of his honor.

Throughout the story, Cade's "honor" appears to be the deciding factor in his decisions, and often makes the other party members annoyed when he can't accept loss. As the story progresses, Cade learns that there are times when someone losing is a better option, and, more notably, that honor should not be the most important thing to a person (This realization first comes to him when Beniport is retaken).

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