Fate of Io
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(Original art by Akio)

Age: 20
Race: Human
Occupation: Construction worker
Height: 5'11"
Hair: Black
Eye: Hazel
Weapon type: Staff/Lance

Having worked as a Pylos employee for as long as he can remember, Syne has been brought up with the philosophy that every action one takes should be beneficial to the majority of everyone else. He is a bit of an optimist, and often helps people for no reason other than to help them. Thus, at first, he has difficulty thinking for himself.

Throughout the story, Syne's conviction and goodwill puts him in high esteem with his friends, but it also gets him into trouble with decision-making. He is used to being assigned a task and following it to the letter; when confronted with an ethical choice, his instinct is to defer to his superior. When he finally begins to learn the difference between right and wrong for himself, the lessons he discovers are a valuable reminder to everyone. In the end, it is his strength of character and willingness to do what must be done that makes him the undisputed leader of the party.

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