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(Original art by Ragnarok)

Age: 12
Race: Human
Occupation: Homeless Refugee/Brooke's Travelling Companion
Height: 4'11"
Hair: Ash Red, moderately short and tousled.
Eye: Pale Green
Weapon type: Bolas

Ko has been essentially a slave for his whole life, unable to escape from the rule of the dragon that protects his home. He has been doing exactly the same thing every day for many years. This has given him time to dream about better things, though he knows most (if not all) of them are beyond his grasp. When Brooke appears, he gets a dose of the outside world, and is reminded that there may be a life outside. But when he finally tries for it...

Ko already thinks he is worthless, and very early in our time with him he loses all of his loved ones, especially his brother. He ends up in a state of deep depression, and he basically just follows Brooke for lack of anything better to do.

Ko learns during the game that he is worth something. Early on, he considers suicide a few times, but something inside him stops him every time. He comes to realize, slowly, that that thing inside him is the memory of his mother and his brother; they would not want him to kill himself. Once he realizes this, it gives him strength, and he comes out of his depression. At this time, he gains [some power should be a combination of an in-battle ability and a general character trait]. With this, he becomes an important and valuable member of the party.

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