Fate of Io
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Age: Unknown (16)
Race: Antarean
Occupation: None
Height: 3'10" (head to tail)
Hair: Auburn
Eye: Brown
Weapon type: Tail

With no knowledge of his origins, Delloran is a fun-loving flying creature with the appearance of a small dragon. His lifestyle is fundamentally lackadaisical, so he gets his daily kicks by hunting and harassing the local wildlife. He has learned to avoid human matters as much as possible; they only bring him trouble.

Apparently an adolescent, Dell has decided for himself that he is mature enough to go further out into the world at the time he meets Syne. Taking his carefree attitude with him, Dell quickly finds that the world at large is not as friendly as he is himself. This disparity only becomes more obvious as time goes on, and Dell's humor nearly turns to cynicism with each hardship he encounters.

Dell, while he may not show it much, is also quite thoughtful and intelligent; these qualities help him to understand the reality that he uncovers. And though he may not like it, he accepts what he cannot change and eventually adopts Syne's optimism, hoping for a day when ignorance is not the cause of most misfortunes.

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