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Age: 53
Race: Human
Occupation: Protector
Height: 6'2"
Hair: Dull Gray / White
Eye: Hazel
Weapon type: Broad-Axe

Rush is one among a group known commonly as the Protectors. While the title sounds benevolent, like an organization of peacekeepers, the order of knights were actually Warkeepers. Because a resolution to the war would lead to power and tyranny, the group decided to prolong the war as long as possible. Thus, Rush was a fighter involved in many a battle.

When the Battle of Tarikun was imminent, he sent his wife and son on a boat so that they might avoid the fighting and get to safety. He said that he would meet them at the then-quiet town of Daccha Vira. After the tragic fight, however, Rush went to the city and his family was not there to greet him.

Fifteen years later and driven by hope, Rush still searches the continent for even a sign of his wife or son.

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