Fate of Io
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Age: 37
Race: Human
Occupation: Triumvirate Member/Director of Eumotech
Height: 5'9"
Hair: Dark (style undetermined)
Eye: Brown
Weapon type: Eumotech Machinery

At the behest of Kydran, Miriel was hired by Dantalian simply because she knows her stuff. Probably one of Io's greatest minds, she specializes in eumonetic technology (eumotech) and is the only scientist in the field of "magic". Within Pylos, she keeps few direct subordinates which she also teaches as students; Rheya is one of these few.

Miriel's power as an executive is both very subtle and very real, and she knows it. Apart from Kydran, she is one of the only people who know all the details of what is really going on. If she had to, she could take matters into her own hands, and has plenty of self-interest to keep that possibility in mind.

Miriel is the "brain" of the Triumvirate that collectively runs Pylos.

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