Fate of Io
Player characters
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Just like the core cast in a stage play, our player characters have the most crucial role in delivering our story, and they are the ones our audience (the player) will spend the most time watching and controlling. It's important, then, that each PC stand out as a distinct person, with believable motivations, histories, desires, and fears. But if you're really interested, you knew that already. Here is Fate of Io's main cast of eight:

Syne, an optimistic construction worker for Pylos
Delloran, an odd but friendly orphaned creature that inhabits the plains
Enna, a zealous Drythian who leads a terrorist sect against corporate dominance
Cade, Syne's brash friend and coworker
Rheya, a eumoneticist who works for Pylos
Ko, a young slave who lives in the remnants of a dead kingdom
Brooke, the swaggering yet noble heir of the Protean realm
Rush, a knight-turned-nomad and Protector of an ancient code

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